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Serve students in a holistic way new director says
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By Geoffrey Mosher

Kevin Rajpaulsingh is Centennial College’s new Director of Student Life. Rajpaulsingh started Feb. 1 and has worked for 14 years in student services and student life. His focus has been on equity and diversity. The Courier sat down with him to explore his new job, the philosophy he brings and what advice he has for students.

What responsibilities does the director of student life have?

KR: I believe a post-secondary institution has to have its fingers on the pulse of its students....

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Diary of a residence kid: dealing with the drunks
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By Courtney Campbell

Everybody has been in that situation where it’s a Friday night, or at residence every night, when a party is going on and alcohol is involved. Someone gets a little too drunk and his or her emotions and actions are impaired.

Imagine the familiar scenario: A stressed friend comes home on a Friday afternoon after work or school. They just had the worst week ever. Their significant other broke up with them, they failed a test and then got into a fight with their best friend. All they want to do is let...

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Diary of a residence kid: making the move from small town to the big city
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You’re a fresh new student, coming to a new place, in the pursuit of a new and exciting career.
Coming from a small town, Toronto can seem nerve-racking and overwhelming.

When attending college, the questions you ask yourself should be: Am I ready for college? Where am I going to live? Will I like my roommates/classmates? Am I going to make friends or is it just a competition in life to see who can succeed? Is living in residence a good choice?

The answer is “YES” to all of the above! Residence...

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