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Speaking Out-landish
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By Bill Hanley

So what has Scarborough College got that Centennial doesn’t have?

I read recently that Scarborough had been designed along the same lines as in Aztec temple and that the architect had incorporated the idea of “squeeze the tube and bloop more buildings”. The article said that educators from across Canada are looking at the experiments in electronic age teaching being conducted inside Scarborough’s ultra-modern walls. What I can’t understand is why the educational eyes of Canada are not upon Centennial College as a brand new concept in teaching and learning. Just think of the avant-garde concepts in vogue at Centennial...

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CCSAI electoral candidates
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Get to know your candidates. By Scott Barber

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Students eager to vote should know the requirements
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By Geoffrey Mosher

With the coming municipal elections many students are wondering if they are eligible to vote in the City of Toronto, where they can vote and how to register.

According to, residents over the age of 18, as well as non-residents, “individuals who own or rent property in the City of Toronto” can vote. If you are eligible and registered to vote, your name will appear on the voters list and you will receive a voter information card in the mail in early October. This card will tell you where your polling station is located as well as where to vote during the two weekend days of advance voting.

If you do not receive a voter...

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Mayoral candidates address student issues
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The Courier asked the top three mayoral candidates how they plan to improve student life. Here’s what they said.

Rob Ford
“Respect for Taxpayers.”
Youth Employment:
Secondary school graduates should have to option to prosper in our City. Unfortunately high taxes has prevented that… I would work with city staff to understand existing programs (and) work with the private sector.

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Education: A Top Priority
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Enhanced health and dental plan
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By Akihiko Tse

The Executive Team of the College has approved an enhanced health and dental plan, and a referendum is set to be held April 3 and 4, coinciding with the CCSAI’s election dates.

The referenda were initially scheduled for March 27 and 28, but the changes to the dates come after the college deemed the duration period for advertising the original referenda too short and its wording too problematic....

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Elections In the Air
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Presidential Candidates
Richard Benn

Dear Students
As your next representative, I Richard Benn ( asks you to consider me for your next President of the CCSAI. I have been representing your needs for the past year as the Representative for the School of Engineering. During my time on the board I have learned a great deal about your needs and the CCSAI’s ability to meet your needs. It is my opinion that as your President I will expand this ability...

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