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Student Debt in Canada
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How Centennial Speaks
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Dr. Henderson tells it like it is
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On the same day that Bill Clinton gave hi s inauguration speech upon being sworn in as the 42nd President of the United States, new Centennial College President Dr. Cathy Henderson, gave her own version of a state of the union address.

The similarities continue. Asboth leaders maintained optimistic facades, the realities of recession and fiscal restraint have made it apparent that, at least in the case of the college, the “union” is in a real state.
In a jam-packed classroom...

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Master plan outlines options for the future of Centennial
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The future of Centennial is mapped out in a new report by consultants ECS Canada. The Centennial College Master Plan Study—Phase One Report is the first installment in a detailed look at our physical needs and recommends options to improve operations, costs, accessibility, safety and even our profile.

Much of the report is an inventory of present physical conditions at our four campuses and Cowdray Court and examines space utilitzation. The consultants conclude Centennial is not using its classrooms efficiently. Room utilization and particularly seat occupancy, fall short of the recommended levels especially at Warden Woods.

The report note’s that...

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Violence against women has to be discussed; not argued
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Q: “So, why are there so many battered women in Canada?”

A: ‘They just won’t listen!”

This “joke” was related to me by a friend quite some time ago. At first I didn’t get it and then, when I did, I couldn’ t say whether or not it was funny or just idiotic.

The more I think about it, though, the more I begin to realise that it’s neither. If I was a woman I’d find it terrifying.
More and more it seems we can find, on some bulletin board somewhere, a plea for men to stop abusing women, and not just around the anniversary of the Montreal massacre. It’s on...

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College’s environmental group gets recycled
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The Centennial Action Group for the Environment (CAGE) received an energetic shot in the arm recently with a change in the leadership of the college-wide ad hoc committee.

Dave Roewade, a business/environmental protection student at Progress, has become the new chair of the group, replacing Mark Toljagic, a support staff person at Warden Woods.

“I’m really pleased to see Dave take over the reins. He’s a dynamo with a lot of excellent ideas he wants to put into action today—not someday,” said Toljagic of his replacement.

Among other things, Roewade wants to organize an environment careers seminar, which would point to opportunities...

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A personal tale and a valid concern for Centennial students
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By Chris Derry

It all started in early December, one chilly Saturday night while I was at home trying to divide my attention between my computer and the Leafs game. I began to feel very hot, an ache settle into my lower back and I saw two Doug Gilmours. I assumed that I was in for my yearly battle with the flu. The end of the semester was near and I was swamped with assignments and tests, I knew I couldn’t mess around. I needed medical attention.

Having just moved to Toronto in the fall, I didn’t...

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Students strike against possible tuition hikes
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University, college, and high school students closed down Yonge Street while marching to City Hall, last Wednesday.
Students wanted to display their discontent with the Human Resources Development Minister Lloyd Axworthy’s proposed cuts in transfer payments for post secondary education.

Despite the dreary weather, University Of Toronto students marched down Bay Street to join protesters at Ryerson Polytechnic, Lake Devo to hear from speakers denouncing social cuts and tuition hikes....

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Teachers, staff voting on strike
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By Dan McLean

Strike action by support staff at community colleges across Ontario is unlikely after a vote on Tuesday failed to provide a strong strike mandate for the union.
Although members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) voted/51 per cent in favor of strike action, Larry Goldin, president of OPSEU, Local 559, said it was unlikely.

“The danger of a walkout is not that imminent,” Goldin told The Oracle. “The whole question is now what?”

The union has...

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Residence for Centennial a possibility for future
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by Tanja Nowotny

All but one of the recommendations of an interim report regarding future on-campus housing were agreed upon when the report was presented to the Board of Governors last month.

In December, resident committee member Chuck Gullickson looked into the idea of having on-campus housing for Centennial College students.

The outline of the recommendations were put in an interim report which was presented tothe Board of Governors on December 14.

The recommendation which wasn’t...

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