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Diary of a residence kid: making the move from small town to the big city
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You’re a fresh new student, coming to a new place, in the pursuit of a new and exciting career.
Coming from a small town, Toronto can seem nerve-racking and overwhelming.

When attending college, the questions you ask yourself should be: Am I ready for college? Where am I going to live? Will I like my roommates/classmates? Am I going to make friends or is it just a competition in life to see who can succeed? Is living in residence a good choice?

The answer is “YES” to all of the above! Residence...

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Speed bumps at Progress hit hard
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By Kristin Annable

Ten years ago, the parking lot at Progress Campus was dangerous.

Students and visitors alike would use its massive space to speed around in their cars, making it hazardous to pedestrians. That changed when Life Safety and Security Services installed speed bumps around the parking lot as a traffic calming measure.

The City of Toronto does not have any regulations pertaining to private parking lot speed bumps, yet anyone who has driven over these can tell they feel a lot bigger than average.

Asphalt Care Canada says that when they install speed bumps in parking lots, they prefer to keep them between 2.5 to 3 inches in height...

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Colleges and Universities Testing Out Textbook Rentals
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By Natasha Jaferi

On top of finding ways to pay for tuition, students are expected to buy required textbooks for their courses. This stress can be a lot on a student’s plate.

Universities and colleges in Canada have found a new way to help students save a little cash.
Starting in fall 2011, students will have the option to Rent-A-Text at Centennial College. Follett, a company that manages the textbooks for Centennial and other colleges and universities in Canada and the United States, has adapted the Rent-A-Text system. Follett launched the system in the United States, including a few pilot schools in Canada. These pilot schools include Humber College,...

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Former Canadian Idol Judge Discusses Tips For Success With New Students
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By Kristin Annable

Jake Gold made a name for himself in Canada as a judge on Canadian Idol for six seasons, and by managing some of the most famous acts in Canadian music, such as The Tragically Hip. He has been a member of the JUNO Awards Television and Talent Committee since 2003 and owns the management company, The Management Trust. Gold came to Centennial College’s CCC campus to welcome new students embarking on their first semester of school. He shared some useful tips on how to succeed in the entertainment industry and life in general.


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Mascot tells all in first Q&A
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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with a rejuvenated, recharged and revitalized CC The Wonder Colt for a candid discussion on life, love, family and the challenges of being one of varsity sports’ most recognized mascots.
Courier: You’re looking great! How are you feeling?
CC: You know, I feel fantastic. As you can probably tell, I’ve got a new look going for me. I call it “Horse 2.0.” I’m tougher, leaner and I have a new attitude.
Courier: You’ve definitely slimmed...

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OSAP Wait Times Shrink at Centennial in Winter Semester
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By Geoffrey Mosher

For years, the beginning of a new semester at Centennial College meant frustration and long lineups picking up OSAP documents. However, the college may have a found a solution to that problem.

Centennial College has just completed a trial run for a new appointment system for early pickup of OSAP loan documents and it was a big success.
The change to an appointment-based system came in response to student feedback, with many students complaining of having to wait for hours in line; many felt the time sensitive process could...

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Enhanced health and dental plan
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By Akihiko Tse

The Executive Team of the College has approved an enhanced health and dental plan, and a referendum is set to be held April 3 and 4, coinciding with the CCSAI’s election dates.

The referenda were initially scheduled for March 27 and 28, but the changes to the dates come after the college deemed the duration period for advertising the original referenda too short and its wording too problematic....

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South African Awareness Day: Isolate South Africa with global sanction
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The United Nations has declared the situation in South Africa a crime against humanity and the best way to overcome this problem is to implement sanctions, a member of the African National Congress said yesterday.

“All of humanity has to be concerned about the plight of the people and the ramifications of racial discrimination in South Africa,” Yusuf Salooje said to about 30 people at a seminar at Centennial College’s Progress...

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Journalist vs citizen during G20 Summit
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By Veronica Blake

Is a j-school student on summer vacation still a journalist? While many of my classmates held lucrative internships this summer, I toiled away at my part-time retail job.

So it was my insatiable curiosity that drew me to the G20 protest.

Saturday June 26, 2010 will forever be remembered in our city’s history as a day of violence, graffiti, burning police cars and smashed shop windows.

But that’s not the experience that classmate Aileen Donnelly and I shared.

We arrived at Queen’s Park shortly...

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Athlete of the week: Simon Yip
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By Stacey Kwan

It’s been years of hard work, practice, and training for Simon Yip but he has put it all to good use.

In his third year of the Hospitality and Tourism Administration program he has continued to shine on the badminton court. For the past two seasons, 2007 and 2008, Yip was awarded the Badminton MVP and he was also awarded the 2008 Centennial Male Athlete of the Year at the end of last year and for good reason.

In 2008, Yip and his then doubles’...

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