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Campus to close despite protests
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The battle over the closing East York campus appears lost.

After the valiant fight students, the Board of Governors passed the recommenda to close the campus on June 1, although they agreed to study the matter further.

Three student representatives gave a presentation to the board meeting on April 12, but after many questions and discussion, the closing is still scheduled for June. The board is considering, however, how to make the move to Progress easier on students.

The meeting...

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Public’s reaction mixed over new EY buildings
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The public got its first opportunity this week to see Centennial College’s plans for the redevelopment of the East York campus.

An open house in the Carlaw building of the school attracted over 100 people as college management, developers, architects, and consultants discussed the project and answered questions.

The college plans to sell half of its six-acre property at Pape and Mortimer Avenues to a private developer, who wants...

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Centennial Year in Review
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by Kevin Sheehy

Another school year is drawing to a close and with that in mind here’s a look at the significant events that occurred in 78/ 79. Probably the biggest event was the support staff strike last fall. Students here didn’t seem to notice much difference during the – strike but according to Centennial president Bev McCauley, the administrative aspect of the college was badly backed up. “If we didn’t need the support staff, we wouldn’t have hired them in the first place,” McCauley had said after the strike.

union gained

Members of union felt they gained a lot of respect...

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A Non-Stop Mad Whirlwind Of Hippy Swinging Models
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Fiona Thompson

A swinging London dolly made a very successful arrival on the Toronto fashion scene last week. Pat McDonagh christened the opening of “The Establishment” last Tuesday with a champagne breakfast and a preview of her Spring Collection for the press, radio and T.V. The fashion show was a non-stop, mad whirlwind of “hippy” models frugging across the stage in the newest London fashions just cleared through customs hours before. The mini trouser suit in boldly striped wool flannel by Veronica Marsh was a winner all the...

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New College Now has a New Newspaper
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After two “underground” newspapers have published, and with a third one pending, the official Centennial College newspaper, THE ARSENAL, has finally become a reality.

The ARSENAL came into existence to fulfill several needs in the College. As an organ of the journalism department, the paper will serve the vital function of giving journalism students the opportunity for practical experience under the actual working conditions of a city newspaper.

Before the ARSENAL was conceived, students’ reporting and writing lab classes consisted...

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Earle Calls Poetry “Psychedelic”
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A Canadian poet who looked like he just stepped out of the pages of Confederation told Centennial College students he intends to try LSD. Dr. Earle Birney, a distinguished gentleman of 65, writer-in-residence at the University of Toronto, said this at a lecture here on March 23. Brought to the college by “This Hour” lecture series, Birney spent hours completely captivating the audience with his wit and selections based upon people and experiences encountered on his recent trip around the world. Anywhere from an exquisite little Dutch West Indies town...

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