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Learn how to deal with stress and anxiety calmly this semester
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By Michelle Grace and Leslie Marciniak

School can be a stressful time. Exams, presentations, class projects and financial woes can often leave even the calmest student feeling overwhelmed.

These worries and emotions have the potential to add up quite

quickly, and this leaves many students feeling stressed or experiencing anxiety that is difficult to cope with.

Researchers at the University of Chicago published a technique they have researched that deals with an alternative way of coping with stress in the journal Science.


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Pushing past the ordinary into the extraodinary
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By Michelle Grace

Centennial College has many students who shine in their programs, one of whom is Ryan Kavanagh, 23, who is studying journalism at the CCC campus.

Kavanagh has always been interested in journalism. At first he didn’t really think of it as a career, but the art of writing is very important to him.

“I love interacting with and learning about people. I don’t see myself doing anything else,” Kavanagh said. “I like the idea of giving a voice...

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Where to go and how to get there
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By Leslie Marciniak

When the subway breaks down you need to know how to get to school. Here’s the 4-1-1 on alternate routes.

It’s 8 a.m. on Monday morning. Half asleep, you venture onto the subway with the congested 9–5 crowd and begin your journey to another week of school. As you reach Yonge & Bloor station, the train stops. Everyone groans.

Impatiently, you all wait, mumbling to yourselves about what the hold up could be this time. A barely audible announcement is made over the speakers.

It seems a mischievous leprechaun...

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Skin care secrets help save students money
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By Natasha Jeferi

The winter weather tends to do wonders to the face. Your skin is likely to get chapped and dehydrated in the winter and that’s why it’s important to give your skin the care and attention it requires.

There are simple solutions to get the moisture back.

Facials are a great way to keep your skin smooth and vibrant and are great for both men and women. Going to a spa to get one may be a little too pricey, but there is an alternative solution: Make your own facial.

The ingredients that were chosen for the masks are particularly made for the winter weather. Each ingredient is a great moisturizer and helps protect the skin.


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Students celebrate life of teacher with competition
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By Michelle Grace

Dennis Murphy taught at Centennial College from 2007–2008. Known for his writing, directing and producing in Canada, Murphy still has a place in the hearts of Centennial College students.

As a teacher in Centennial’s Broadcasting and Film program, Murphy was a very dedicated man who loved his craft and showed a great amount of enthusiasm while teaching.

The concept of The Murphy Challenge consists of three-minute films made by three years of students in three days using three special ingredients: a prop, a character and a location.
Students from every semester team up in groups and work together to compile their films.


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Transitioning from humble beginnings to the boob tube
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By Kris Ali-Trotman

Keith Pedro, 26, is an established comedian and currently a personality on MuchMusic’s Video On Trial. From working part-time at a hospital to successfully working the stage at Yuk Yuk’s comedy club, transition should be Pedro’s middle name. Pedro sat down with The Courier for a brief question and answer segment about his career.

Q: What inspired you to become a comedian?

A: I had nothing else going on in my life and couldn’t really land another job. I chose to take the...

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Serial sex educator Sue Johanson gives the straight talk
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By Michelle Grace

Dr. Sue Johanson has been educating people of every age, race and gender about sex since 1984. On Jan. 25, at Centennial College’s Progress campus, Johanson dished the goods to students regarding safe sex.

Johanson has had a whirlwind of a career. She was once a coordinator and ran a birth control clinic where she offered pregnancy tests for young women as well as counseling. She then went on to have her own radio program on Toronto’s popular rock station Q107.

“I loved being on the radio. I did it for almost...

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Colleges and Universities Testing Out Textbook Rentals
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By Natasha Jaferi

On top of finding ways to pay for tuition, students are expected to buy required textbooks for their courses. This stress can be a lot on a student’s plate.

Universities and colleges in Canada have found a new way to help students save a little cash.
Starting in fall 2011, students will have the option to Rent-A-Text at Centennial College. Follett, a company that manages the textbooks for Centennial and other colleges and universities in Canada and the United States, has adapted the Rent-A-Text system. Follett launched the system in the United States, including a few pilot schools in Canada. These pilot schools include Humber College,...

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Star struck at the Toronto Film Festival
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Courier Staff

With a rented 35mm camera and a copy of the Toronto International Film Festival Guide, I set out to find glamour in a moose-infested city. I am without a press pass, a ticket, or a clue as to where to go. I head to the most obvious location, The Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville, where I once shared an elevator with Dave Stewart from the Eurhythmics.

Outside, 3 stretch-limos line the narrow street. There’s Eugene Levy chewing gum nervously, checking...

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