Time to Beat the Demands of Being a Student

Time to Beat the Demands of Being a Student
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By: Rachael Wallace
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am naturally anxious. Much of the anxiety I feel stems from time or feeling like I have a lack of it. I know that I am not alone in this. As fellow students, I am sure that you can relate. We all face many demands, academically and personally. 

How, as a student, are you supposed to attend class, study, raise a family, socialize, work, eat, sleep…oh, and of course, watch the latest episode of Riverdale on Netflix? This is when you need to take a step back and ask yourself, “what is most important?”

Here is where time-management comes into play. Time management is a process, and it involves conscious control over the amount of time we spend on a specific activity. It is meant to help increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. Sometimes, though, it is hard to know where to start, or to know what methods work best for you.  

For me, I find using a planner to be the most helpful. It allows me quick access to know where I’m meant to be and when. I make sure everything is colour coded so that, for example, I can easily identify what class I’m meant to be in. Tentative plans are written in pencil, so they can be easily changed. I use a physical planner but some of you may find using an app on your phone or computer to be most helpful. This is something that you should play around with until you feel comfortable, organized and at ease. 

Another great tip I can give is to go through each syllabus and write out any assignments or tests you may have. Be sure to make note of how much each is worth and when they are due. Then, create a chart that identifies the course, the assignment, how much it’s worth, your grade, and a space to check off whether you completed the assignment or not. This helps you keep track of when things are due, what needs to be done and how you’re doing in each of your classes. Colour coding is very  helpful with this. 

One last suggestion I can give is specific to Centennial College itself. There are many great resources on campus to help you. Book an appointment with the learning strategist that’s located at your campus. Part of their job is to create a schedule designed to fit your needs – it will take into account your class times, travel times, when to work on assignments and any other commitments you may have. Or, if you feel that talking through the stress of your demands is what you need, book an appointment with the counsellor that’s located at your campus. They will provide you with more tips and tricks on how to deal with the demands, reduce anxiety and lessen the stress. 

Remember, these are just suggestions. You need to find the strategies that work best for you! You’ve got a lot going on. You’re a student; a mother; a father. You’re working a few part time jobs. You’re on a sports team. You run a club. It’s okay to tell your friend you can’t go out for a meal. It’s okay to have a bubble bath. It’s okay to sleep it off. Self-care is not selfish. Make sure you’re finding time for you. If you need a little reminder, schedule it in. 

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