It’s All About Helping People

It’s All About Helping People
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By Michael Linennen

Taking initiative and getting involved with the school is very important to enhance the college experience. While it can build your confidence, it can also make a positive impact to the community. 

Enactus Centennial is a non-profit organization run by Centennial College students. It is an organization that pushes for change and positive impact to the community. Through entrepreneurship actions, students can lead a project to create solutions for communities. 

Shaquaile Jordan, 21, a marketing student working towards his fourth semester in Centennial College, said that being the marketing director of Enactus Centennial has equipped him with better presentation skills and public speaking skills, and also learning the chain of command.

“For me personally it works out perfect, because as a marketing student, the only thing we can ask for is the general knowledge of what is in the industry. How to utilize what we have already learned.” Jordan said. “My major is in marketing but it’s a fundraising group. Maybe I can sometimes be able to try out my professional selling skills. There are very different various things you can do within the organization.”

Enactus Canada also offers competition for organizations like Enactus Centennial to join as a team to pitch their ideas to impact people, where teams compete with other teams on a regional level and a national level.

But for Jordan, it’s not about the awards. It’s about helping people.

“The awards are just acknowledgment, so many teams also got awards…it is a competition that the best team goes and represents Canada, on that scale, why not?” Jordan said. “People want to know why did that team win that is representing Canada. Because they have helped so many people, the past team raised four million dollars within the year to help. You’re just getting an achievement to help.” 

In 2016, 12 students from Enactus Centennial went to Chinandega, Nicaragua to help the locals to open up a marketplace. The students also taught the locals some selling techniques. 

“They allow the locals to pick their prices, to see what the fluctuation would be. Some label the prices too high and some labeled the prices too low, there’s always in between and they were successful. Till this day, some of the market places are still running,” Jordan said. 

Nadia Jones, the faculty advisor of Enactus Centennial said Enactus give students the opportunity to practice the skills they are learning in their program. 

“For our business students, for example, it gives them a way to execute whatever still it is that they are trying to learn, whether it’ll be marketing, entrepreneurship, operation, accounting, all of those functional areas of business that you need to run. It’s an opportunity for students to be able to get the hands-on experience to compliment with their learning in the classroom by working on an actual project,” Jones said.

There are often misconceptions that Enactus is only for business students. It is not.

“It’s all about helping people. Are you willing to put in the time and help? Do you want to get involved and do something like that? You can join Enactus,” Jordan said. “Anyone can get involved.”

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