Are You Covered?

Are You Covered?
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By Sherika Harris

Centennial College is introducing a new health benefit plan.

Aching tooth? You are covered. Back pain? You are covered. No need to tape the centre of your broken eyeglasses together. You are covered!

Starting Sept. 1st The CCSAI has teamed up with Claim Secure Inc. and WeSpeakStudent as their new insurance provider. Centennial’s full-time domestic students are covered for prescription, dental, vision care and more. Yes! I said more.

Margaret Kalembe, CCSAI office coordinator at Morningside campus, said this years benefits are covering more than in the past years.

The coverage is not limited to prescription, vision and dental. Through extended health care there is coverage for accidents, therapies such as counselling, mental health, and massage. Students may also be eligible for network discounts at specific locations.

“For example if you go to Shoppers Drug Mart, they are affiliated with (Claim Secure) so you get 10% off. So 90% coverage and a 10% discount; you’re ultimately covered 100%,” Kalembe said.

Although Claim Secure is the insurance provider, the plan administrators, We Speak Student are the people you’d call if you have any questions about the coverage.

WeSpeakStudent Representative Brandy McCarthy explained that domestic students who pay full-time tuition and fees are automatically enrolled in the health benefit plan. The student benefit card is available for print on their website anytime, however that does not mean the coverage is active.

“The coverage does not start until we’ve receive the enrollment files from the school indicating who’s eligible for the plan,” McCarthy said.

After the plan is activated on Sept. 1st, most places will accept your benefit card on the spot and apply your eligible coverage if you are registered as a full-time domestic student. If there are delays in student registration or a student’s full-time status is uncertain the student may pay in full and keep their receipts for reimbursement.

They should call WeSpeaskStudent or visit their campus CCSAI office for more information.

“For prescription drugs, you just present your benefit card to the pharmacist and they’ll automatically run it against the insurance,” McCarthy said.

However, some places will always require payment first.

“For providers like vision and most extended health, you are going to be paying upfront and submitting a claim to be reimbursed,” McCarthy said.

Deadline for fall students to add-on coverage for a spouse and/or dependent children is Sept. 29 at 3 p.m. For more information on coverage, discount locations, claims and deadlines visit or call WeSpeakStudent toll free at 1-800-315-1108.

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