5 Things To Do In The City This Summer

5 Things To Do In The City This Summer
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By Tiara Jade

With summer vacation quickly approaching, everyone seems to be planning their summer fun. Vacations are great, but if you’re stuck in the city, don’t worry! There’s plenty things you can do to have a summer full of great memories.

1. Plan A Stay-Cation

If you’re looking to save instead of splurge, a stay-cation in the city is great option. If you’re not into hotels, try an Air BnB to get the full local experience. Grab some friends or family and pick an area in the city you’ve never been to or somewhere trendy like downtown. With plenty of events going on in the city, you’re bound to find something cool to do. If you chose to explore a new area, check what’s around like shops and restaurants.

2. Try A New Hobby

With all the spare time you’ll have, why not try something you’ve wanted to learn. Summer is a perfect opportunity to get working on something you’ve wanted to do. If you’re not sure, try something crafty or learning a new language. You can get cool ideas from looking at pages on Instagram or Pinterest. Once you’re ready to go, check out some tutorials to get you started and before you know it you’ll be a pro!

3. Check Events In The City

Toronto is full of events and festivals during the summer. If you ever find yourself looking for something to do, check blogs and city calendars for the latest on what’s happening in the city. You can easily round up some friends and have a great time. There are also many free events for when you’re on a budget.  You can check out festivals like Caribana or outdoor movies at the Habourfront. Not to mention pools and splash pads for when it gets hot. 

4. Freelance Or Find An Internship

As a student looking to expand their portfolio, the summer is a great to take advantage of time not spent on assignments. Freelancing in your field will allow you to gain experience and build on the skills you’ve acquired during the school year. If you’re looking for something to put on your resume, get hunting for an internship. Either route will leave you with plenty new portfolio pieces to end off your summer.

5. Try Something New

We’re at a time in our lives where trying new times is exactly what we should be doing. If there’s somewhere you’ve never been or something you’ve never done, summer is the time for it. Go on a scary ride at Wonderland, a boat ride around the Harbourfront or something cool like go-karting. If that’s not your style, you can never go wrong with food. Try a new café or dessert place. Food trucks are a gem during the summer and you’re bound to find some yummy eats. 





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