Repair Café

Repair Café
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By Tiara Jade
Photos Courtesy Geoffrey Mosher

Hope isn’t lost for the broken laptop you’ve been meaning to fix. The city now has a branch of the Repair Café that can help.

Repair Café Toronto was started in 2013 after coordinators Paul Magder and Wai Chu Cheng liked the idea that was started by Repair Café Amsterdam in 2009.

Repair Café organizes monthly gatherings at different locations in the city. Volunteers then help visitors learn how to repair for free. The idea is to try and build a more sustainable society that looks to fix things instead of throwing them away.

The volunteers are called fixers. They have skills that allow them to fix anything from electronics; to clothes, to books, to computers, and much more.

We all have broken things that have been lying around the house. The old lamp that cracked but your mom still loves, the necklace chain that broke back in high school, the list goes on.

As students on a budget, those repairs tend to take a backseat. Who has the money to fix these things? As much as we may want to, they usually end up sitting aside for a while. 

Repair Café usually holds one event per month. On certain occasions there are multiple events with a special focus such as appliance and bike repair or clothing and jewelry repair. 

The best part is that they actually teach you how to repair your item, all for free!

Forget freaking out, the next time you find yourself in a spot, you’ll know exactly what to do. Not only will you have handy life skills, you’ll also save money! So grab the junk off the table and head over to a Repair Café to give it life again. If you’ve got some handy skills yourself, volunteer! It’s easier than you think.


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