Summer To Winter

Summer To Winter
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By Rachel Levitt

Don’t put your summer clothes into hibernation yet! No need to limit your fashion regime to jeans and sweaters this snowy season. Instead, turn your summer staples into cozy winter wear.

Sleeveless Dress

For a warmer winter day, grab some beige tights and throw a sleeveless dress over a long sleeved collared shirt. If you have leggings that match, substitute those for tights on colder days. If you want a more formal look, substitute a blazer for a collared shirt. For a more casual look, opt for a cropped sweater.

Mini Skirt & Top

Match leggings with a mini skirt to make your legs look great and keep them toasty warm. On top, wear a tank top with a collared button down shirt thrown over and tied in the front. You can also pair the tank top with any of the suggestions above in the spaghetti strap/belly top paragraph or wear a cropped sweater with the mini skirt instead.

Spaghetti Strap & Belly Tops

Layer up a spaghetti strap or belly top with jeans and a cute throw over. Cardigans and mini varsity sweaters pair great with spaghetti strap tops. Button down shirts (buttoned or unbuttoned) pair great with both. The button down with a spaghetti strap is more casual, but with a belly top is a bold party look. Word to the wise, if you’ll be inside don’t commit to wearing a sweatshirt or leather coat over either. You may get hot and these tiny tops may leave you cold without a cover.

Items To Hibernate

Shorts: You will freeze without anything under them and tights will most likely be too light to protect your legs. Perhaps someone cooler and more fashionable can pull this off, but a mere mortal such as myself can only suggest that the other mortals stick these in the closet for the season.

Sandals: You’d think I wouldn’t have to put this one on here, but my friend just told me she wore flip flops to go to Starbucks in the cold. This does happen.



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