AWC Designed For Results

AWC Designed For Results
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Our AWC Fitness Services have always been about results-driven, functional training. Now our space is changing to help support this goal even more. If you haven’t been to the AWC recently, you’ve missed some great changes. To get the idea here’s a quick overview of some of the changes we’ve made to make the AWC work better for you.

  1. Addition of the New Core Zone
    Our Core Zone allows members to be more versatile and effective in their core training. We want to make you better from the inside out! We are moving away from the traditional machine with limited range of motion and instead promoting the use of exercise balls, BOSU balls, mats and medicine balls that require more stabilization and activate your core in more intense and dynamic ways. Not sure how to get the most out of your core workouts? One of our AWC personal trainers can walk you through the best core workout of your life!
  2. Safe Training Zone For Groups
    Group fitness continues to grow, and we’re keeping up with it. We have opened up a large space to allow safe group training to take place on the fitness floor. This will allow a safer separation from the heavy lifting platforms so that the two areas can safely coexist.
  3. Enhanced Lifting Area
    We have also created a more defined lifting area for our many members who are pursuing powerlifting goals or using heavy lifting as a part of their regular program. Shortly, we will also be adding more lifting platforms and an additional squat station to enable more activity in the area and to reduce the noise impact that these activities can have on the entire facility.
  4. Reorganization of Machines and Free Weights
    In addition to the specific area improvements, we’ve also made a number of general changes to the design of the fitness floor to allow for a smoother flow and transition between equipment, easier access to equipment, and more functional placement to create more space to work out. The space is truly designed to help you get results.


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