My New Home

My New Home
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By Yvano Antonio

Centennial College recently opened a new residence at Progress campus. Centennial Place is the new state-of-the-art residence for all Centennial College students.

All suites come equipped with fully furnished bedrooms and living rooms, as well as a full kitchen. Downstairs there’s a 24-hour market place to grocery shop. All facilities are open 24 hours as well. Guests are permitted whenever, provided a tenant accompanies them, and if they’re lucky, class is right down the street. 

The rest of the building is pretty much a giant playground. 

Mark Stewart is a first-year pharmacy tech student from Markham, Ontario. He says other than the strict RAs (residence assistants) and a few minor problems; life on residence is “sweet”. 

“The Wi-Fi went out–I think yesterday or the day before–for 30 minutes and they gave free pizza to everybody,” Stewart said. “They take care of you…they make sure you get everything that you need.” 

Stewart, 18, says students can kick it anywhere in the building since the residence offers a variety of different activity rooms from floor to floor, including rooms for yoga, cardio, pool, poker and table tennis, as well as arts and crafts. There’s a theatre, an arcade, a business centre, study halls and quiet escape rooms to unwind in. 

Stewart says the facilities are nice but his favourite part about the residence, hands down, are the girls.

“Honestly, this place has just been sweet,” he said, “The people here are chill (and) it’s close to all my classes.”

 Beyond all the activities, he says, Centennial Place also offers round-the-clock maintenance service. Students can fill out a form online and help is sent within minutes.  

Living on res may be great but it also comes with its problems. Like the Wi-Fi incident, Stewart said he’s experienced some issues at Centennial Place, such as the fire alarms randomly going off at six in the morning. He also said he paid $20 to have his room reopened after he locked himself. The front door to the dorms use student ID cards to open, however, personal bedrooms can lock with a key.

International student Diana Niyazova says she feels Stewart’s pain in the mornings. Niyazova came from Uzbekistan to study business administration and now lives at Centennial Place.  She says the only thing she doesn’t like about it is the ceiling in her suite, which looks incomplete. 

“They’re not white, they’re grey…it’s not comfortable,” she said, “Only the seventh floor has normal ceilings.”
“It’s okay, it’s just little problems, it’s very fine to live here,” she said.

Despite that, the 17-year-old, who arrived just a few weeks ago, says she enjoys everything else and is adjusting well in Canada, all thanks to the friends and the college.

  “It’s very cool,” Niyazova said, “It’s a different country, different culture, different people, and first of all it’s a different language… it’s interesting.” 

She says she’s always occupied whether at school where she can practice speaking English, or at home where she gets to meet people from all over the world. 

“It’s a very good experience to get to know people from Europe, Africa, South America,” she said. “We have fun.” 

Even guests can have a great time. Ilyas Nurlubyev is one of Niyazova’s friends from school. He doesn’t live on res but says he’s there so much that it feels like home.


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