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Fifteen Centennial College Sports Journalism students are getting a chance to cover the Paralympic Games in Rio. They left on Sept. 3 and are returning Sept. 19. Another eleven students from the program will stay in Toronto to produce a daily TV show in the newly updated TV studio at the Story Arts Centre. 
Visit to watch the daily TV broadcasts.

I wanted to be the producer of a few shows, so luckily I will be producing four of the ten shows, including the first and last. It’s cool to see that with the semester we just did, we did a lot of TV broadcast classes where there was on-air personalities and they really found good roles for everybody. I was really excited to see the schedule and I think everyone was happy with what they got.

It’s a combination of getting the actual experience of producing a show, which simulates much of what we would be doing in the real working world, for those of us that do want to get into TV, which is something I want to do. I’m really excited to do that, but also the chance to put together tape. If we have really good tape to show, not only do we have the experience, but we also have some tangible way of showing the experience off to potential employers in the future.

There’s also the great opportunity to shine the light on a sports community that may not get its fair due. It’s awesome that we can come together with Paralympic Canada to create this harmonious relationship where we can both benefit. Students get this experience and tape, and of course some extra coverage for the Paralympians.

Mark Staniusz
Sports Journalism Student

When I first came into the program I thought I would really want to do broadcasting. Then after we went on our trip to Florida and we had a few profs in first semester that really inspired me to do the writing. When we interviewed for Rio that’s when my love for writing really came out and I weighed my options of staying here or interviewing to go. I just really wanted to go and tell my stories through writing. I think just the preparation through all the experience and professors in this program inspired me to do something I never thought I would be good at or want to do.

When Malcolm (Kelly) first told us about it I was shocked. I didn’t think we would have the opportunity to do it. I think it’s going to be awesome. I don’t think the Paralympics get enough coverage. So I think having us being able to show it is the Olympics as well, and they do deserve the coverage, is going to be really cool.

Lauren Cascagnette
Sports Journalism Student

This is about the students. It’s about giving the students an opportunity to grow even more than they could being here, and for the students who are working on the television show to have a chance to grow even more than they would in a regular classroom.

It also means that they have the opportunity to grow even more from what we already do with experiential learning. We do a lot of experiential learning, the trip to Florida for example, but this year we also went to the National Pairs Swim Championships, because we believe very strongly in getting the students out of the classroom.

Malcolm Kelly
Program Coordinator




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