Vintage Video Games Fiesta

Vintage Video Games Fiesta
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Yvano Antonio
Journalism Student

Centennial College makes it hard for students not to enjoy coming to school.

There seems never to be a dull moment at any campus.

January 28th was vintage video game day at the Story Arts Centre cafeteria. Students had a chance to escape class and indulge in some Nintendo like it was 1988.

Cassius Washington-Smith, a first year journalism student, thinks the blast from the past was a great idea.

“This school is GOAT (greatest of all time) for this,” Washington-Smith said while posting a photo to Instagram.

CCSAI linked with Game On Entertainment Services (G.O.E.S) to make it happen. G.O.E.S provides gaming entertainment for parties and events, be it private, public or corporate. A big shout out goes to them for bringing the good times to our campuses.

The students loved it!

“It’s nostalgic – reminds me of when I was kid playing video games with my Dad in the living room…it’s awesome,” Washington-Smith added.

There were a bunch of events at the SAC just like this to jump start 2016: Free pancake day, free hot chocolate day — an exhibition in the art gallery showcasing the works of student artists. Also a number of interactive workshops, ping-pong tournaments — the fun doesn’t end. No wonder why Asher Roth loves college.


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