Nature Photography Tutorial

Nature Photography Tutorial
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No matter what time of year it is, there are always great photos to take. Nature often provides in abundance. With this easy access still-life is a great choice for photographic subject matter; plus the seasonal cycle keeps things interesting.

More of Leigh Cavanaugh’s photography can be found on Instagram: @leighcavanaugh

1 – Look for the Patterns: Nature comes pre-equipped with interesting stuff to shoot, you don’t need to look far to discover something photo-worthy. When searching though, try to take note of the patterns that naturally occur. Using these as focal points or accents can take your photographic compositions to a whole other level. Try to look at these patterns in different ways and think beyond the obvious.
1 – LEFT: This rose photo was taken in the Walled Gardens inside Dunvegan Castle in Scotland on the Isle of Skye.

2 –  Get a Different Perspective: Sometimes it takes more than an interesting subject to get the shot. Change your position or the angle of the camera – experiment.
2 – RIGHT: This shot of the blue passion flower took two sets to capture. Between lighting conditions and getting that perfect angle, it proved to be troublesome.

3 – Don’t Be Afraid to Edit: Usually I don’t alter my photos that much, I like to let them stand for themselves. But sometimes you get one that is perfect for some extra Photoshop work. Have fun with this – just don’t forget to save copies.
3 – ABOVE: The dead plant and wintery backdrop made the choice pretty easy when deciding to make this photo black and white. This is part of a greyscale winter series from 2015.

4 –  It’s All in the Technique: Your camera is handy, use its tools to their fullest potential. This shot for example would not have been the same had I used a high f-stop instead. Using this to my advantage I singled out a prominent focal point and kept the background soft.
4 – ABOVE: Texture is also important; the stamen of the Amaryllis flower contrasts the smooth petals. 





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