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In November I went roof topping with some friends.

A friend of mine messaged me one night about going. He said he knows someone that could get us on top of the tallest condo in the city. Told me it was like 80 stories high and that you could see everything from there. The offer was too good not to take, the thrill alone was worth the risk.

Obviously I accepted. He told me to meet him at the condo Saturday night. The plan was to check it out and stay until the morning to catch the sunrise.

1:15 am: Our night began downstairs. At the time there were six of us with a couple more on the way. Initially the plan was to wait until the morning to go upstairs but majority of us didn’t want to stay over night. We decided to wait for everyone else to reach, finish eating, and then head upstairs to check things out.

Only two-thirds of the Ice Tower is built. The condo is livable up until the 36th floor, the rest is still under construction. From the ground we took the elevator and then took the stairs until we met the roof. There were 34 flights to top.

3:50 am: At this point most of us were ready to dip, plus it was too dark to really see anything anyway. After exploring the unfinished suites and surveilling the roof we made our way back down. When we all got back people started going home, our group of 9 turned into 5 including myself.

Sunrise was at 7:20.

7:10 am: Go time. The 5 of us trekked all the way back upstairs again. When we reached the top this time around I was a little lightheaded but there was no turning back.

The roof had a second platform, almost like a helipad. That was what gave us the best view.

From that high the wind was nasty, plus it felt like at least -8. There were also these giant holes everywhere on the platform, the only thing to keep us balanced were wires that ran from end to end.

Hanifi wasn’t kidding when he said I’d be able to see everything. The view was incredible. We were so high that I could fill my frame with the financial district. The CN tower looked close enough to touch. Looking east I could even see as far as Pape. But believe me when I say that these photos are nothing compared to the real thing. The feeling of being so high up and on your feet is very intense and electric.

8:01 am: Mission accomplished. Before we left we stopped for a bit to warm up and look at our shots. We left shortly after we reach back downstairs for the last time. It was Sunday morning, the subways hadn’t opened yet so we hailed a cab from outside Maple Leaf Square.

By time I got home I was finished. When I walked in my mom was up making coffee so I took a minute to tell her about the night before I KO’d.

I showed her some of my favourites and she almost fainted. If you’re wondering why I did it, I’ll tell you the same thing I told her; I did it for the thrill.

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