Travel/Vacation Photo Tutorial

Travel/Vacation Photo Tutorial
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While smart phone camera technology is getting better, it’s still not going to beat the quality of a DSLR. So when planning a vacation also plan your gear accordingly. What kind of tech do you need for the kinds of photos you want?

1 – Bring the Right Equipment: Even though a DSLR may be the best way to go to capture high quality shots of your world travels, it’s not always the most practical. The average DSLR can’t last underwater, and good gear can be expensive. Cheaper cameras can be purchased that do the trick, so weigh your options when choosing.

RIGHT: This shot was taken underwater on the Galápagos Islands by my younger sister during her trip to Ecuador in June 2014. It shows a Chocolate Chip Starfish and sea urchins.

 2 – Forget Selfies: The traditional selfie isn’t always the best way to go when vacationing. Use travel buddies or anyone around you to try and capture the best shots possible.

LEFT: This photo was taken on the turrets of Conwy Castle in Northern Wales. The height and distance allowed for a great backdrop to a one-of-a-kind shot.

3 – The Devil is in the Details:  It’s the small things that most people don’t think to photograph that create great memories. Unique and unusual subject matter always generates interesting photos. Look for these small moments to capture while travelling.

RIGHT: This sweater-wearing tree looks like it walked off the pages of a Dr. Seuss book, in reality it’s from the grounds of Blarney Castle in Ireland.

4 – Going the Extra Mile: This can mean sometimes literally going that extra mile to find the perfect shot, but in this case, this photo was taken by going somewhere I wasn’t supposed to. While I don’t condone trespassing upon property that isn’t yours, sometimes bending the rules a little can photographically work in your favour.

LEFT: This shot was taken in Oxford, England beside the Malmaison – a hotel that has served as both a castle and a prison. The hill it was taken upon was “private property” but the opportunity was something I couldn’t pass up. Know your boundaries and push them.

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