The Best Planning and Organizational Apps

The Best Planning and Organizational Apps
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Is a great organizing app that allows you to keep track of your lists and tasks and sync them across all your devices even when you are offline. It is available for web, iPhone and Android. The app has received app awards from both Android and Apple. It does everything you need to stay organized with a daily planner. You can share your to-do’s with others and upload files to your tasks that are accessible from all your devices.

2) Evernote

This app made its debut in 2008. Like all the other organizing apps it provides checklists and notes, collaborative discussions and tracking to keep you on top of your busy schedule. It also allows you to attach files and photos to keep the discussion going within the app.

Evernote is a good app, but the best features such as offline access and more memory are only available in the subscription version which start at $2.99 a month starts $24.99 annually.


If This Then That is an amazing app that gives you the ability to connect all the apps you already love using. Everything from Instagram, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Fitbit, and many many more. Everything you are already using can now work together as if they were made connected. You can post Instagram photos as Twitter photos, share Facebook status updates on Tumblr or LinkedIn, share videos you like on Youtube or Vimeo to your blog; the possibilities are almost endless. If you’ve never heard of this app go and get it now, it’s free!

4) Fast Scanner

There are tons of options for scanning documents onto your phone. Fast Scanner is a great no frills, simple app that will take your documents and save them as PDFs on your phone. The app is remarkably fast and allows you to email or print PDFs with one touch. It is also available for free.

5) Wunderlist 

This is another app that allows you to organize your life and helps you remember all the important things. Wunderlist’s strength is its ability to share instantly across all your devices and with others. So get your to-do lists online and start the conversation with your friends and co-workers. Mac app of the year in 2013.

6) RefME

RefME is the self-described world’s #1 tool for automated citations, references and bibliographies. Simply use your phone to scan the barcode of any book or journal or enter the ISBN or url to generate a reference in 7000+ citation styles. Then you can send your reference via email, Evernote using the app extension or directly to MS Word from the website.

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