Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial
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Many Halloween costumes get used over and over again. try something different this year with a space inspired makeup tutorial.

  • Gather all the necessary supplies and be sure to work in an open area, preferably with a large mirror.
  • Make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed – we want a fresh canvas to start with so the primer applies properly.
  • Use a colour-correcting primer and apply to any area you will be putting makeup on.


  • Start with the black contours. Take a crease brush and apply black shapes to any areas you want to be the darkest.
  • It’s a good idea to have a shape in mind before starting this. Doing it on the fly might result in an unsymmetrical pattern.
  • In any area you wish, blend the black so it fades into the skin. For this one, I blended at the ends of the shapes by the eyes and nose.


  • Choose the colours you wish to overlay and start with the darkest. Use a crease eye shadow brush.
  • I began by layering blue, then added purple, pink, and yellow.
  • Work from the eye outward. Use the brush to apply layers of colour into various spots and blend well. Leave open spaces in the design.
  • Add white to any areas of the face you wish to highlight by using a loose-bristled round brush.


  • In any of the left open spaces between the colours, add white to bring brightness to the makeup.
  • Apply black eyeliner and mascara to frame the eyes.
  • Take a fine-tipped brush and dip it in water. Using your loose white power, apply dots along your design to mimic stars.
  • DONE! Now all you need is to find a matching costume.

Products & tools Used:

  • Colour-correcting primer
  • Lise Watier loose powder-pearl
  • Concealer
  • Sleek Cosmetics gloss – sheer gold
  • BH Comsmetics 120 palette
  • Black mascara & eyeliner
  • A cup of water
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