Profile: Michelle Murphy

Profile: Michelle Murphy
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By Nicholas Misketi
Second-year Fast-Track Journalism Student

For one Centennial student, preparing for her first bodybuilding competition took several months of dieting, training and keeping up with a busy schedule.

“It was a very intense process,” Michelle Murphy said.

This past June Murphy competed at the GNC Ottawa Classic. In this event, participants showcase their sculpted bodies in a variety of bodybuilding and fitness categories. Murphy says she began the process of transforming her body for the event last September because she wanted to feel better about her herself and her body image. Now she has a different motivation for bodybuilding.
“I want to inspire other people because I remember how hard it was to make this change in my life,” Murphy said.

While Murphy admitted her preparation for the event felt anxiety provoking at times, she also called it a very positive experience. She has learned, for instance, the importance of keeping a balance among school, work and life. Murphy also learned how to find the time to keep healthy.

“You have to make it your life,” Murphy said.

As a personal trainer at the Athletic Wellness Centre on Centennial’s Progress campus, Murphy actively promotes health and fitness among the student body. In the winter semester she helped assemble a CrossFit club called Iron Strength. CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program, includes different physical movements such as Olympic weightlifting and power lifting. Murphy eagerly anticipates the club’s restart for this upcoming semester.

For all students at Centennial, she gives helpful advice on staying healthy and active during a busy and stressful school year.
“Use the facilities here, research nutrition and exercise and surround yourself with people who are physically active and fit,” Murphy said.

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