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Home Sweet Home
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By Paul Hantiuk
Centennial’s Board of Governors approved a plan to go ahead with the Centennial College Residence and Culinary Arts Centre last December. The $85 million facility looks to break ground this spring.
“The college has an approved long-term strategic campus plan. The long-term use of the college facilities… that would include the new student library and athletic facility at Ashtonbee. As part of the implementation of that plan would be the new student residence and Culinary Arts Centre” says Centennial’s Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President of Business Development Brad Chapman.
The eight-story, 740 bed facility will feature nine new classrooms and will expand the hospitality labs from the old residence. There will also be new features such as a teaching kitchen and improved banquet and conference facilities.
The project represents Centennial’s first public-private partnership and will be included in the college’s Impact campaign that is striving to raise $40 million for capital projects.
“The purpose of entering into this contract is that the development partners will take on the responsibility for the planning, financing, construction and management of the student housing facility” says Chapman.
Partners for the project include: Knightstone Capital Management, Diamond Schmitt Architects, Canadian Campus Communities (who will operate the facility) and FRAM Building Group.
As for why the facility is needed, Chapman says the main reason is obvious, enrollment growth.
“We did engage a consulting firm to do a market demand study for us to determine what the needs are for the college. That is what determined the need for 740 beds versus the approximate 330 beds in the old residence.”
The facility is scheduled to be completed for summer 2016.

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