Let’s Get This Party Started

Let’s Get This Party Started
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Imagine this coming fall, your tank tops and shorts are in the back of your closet, your homework is piling up and you don’t even have time to see a movie with your friends because the school work keeps you tied to your textbooks every evening. This will probably be the scenario in a couple of month’s time. What could possibly keep you happy through all of this? The answer is simple: Frosh Week. The memories of the good times you had back in the beginning of the semester when you started the year with a bang. Whether it’s your first year or you are returning after a long summer holiday, Frosh Week is a great way to start the school year.

Jason Moseley is the CCSAI Special Events and Activities Coordinator. He is certain that the events that have been planned this year will give students something positive to look back on once school gets busy.
“Once they really get into the semester there will not be any time for partying so get it out of the way now.”

But it’s not all about the partying; there are other benefits to participating in the events that the school has planned for students.
“Students should take part in these activities because it offers them a chance to meet new people and kick off the year right.” said Moseley.

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