Can You Feel The Music?

Can You Feel The Music?
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Centennial College is adding a new program that focuses on a non-traditional form of communication to the CCC campus, music.
The Music Industry Arts and Performance (MIAP) program launches this fall with Jesse Feyen as the program coordinator. Feyen says the timing of the program is perfect.

“There’s a unique niche we’ve been able to fill that doesn’t exist yet in other programs,” Feyen said.
Feyen says many music programs stick to the classics, however, MIAP students will study more progressive types of music like indigenous, popular and world music. MIAP integrates the performance, business and technology sides of music by including classes such as ensemble, music business fundamentals and audio engineering.
“They’re going to be prepared for a lot more innovative music careers in the industry, so that’s why this program is good for a time like this especially,” Feyen said.

Students can expect to graduate and pursue careers like: composer, recording artist, live sound technician and music journalist. A 6-week internship will give students hands-on experience in their field of preference.

Feyen says MIAP is the only performance based program where students can audition as a rap artist and then receive musical training at the postsecondary level.
“We actually accept rap artists into our program and that’s really unusual. Hip-hop music has been part of the music industry for decades. It just shows another way that we’re really out of the box,” Feyen said.

Feyen says the biggest challenge he foresees has to do with resources. Music programs require unique types of teachers, expensive music and studio equipment, and large, soundproof spaces. However, Feyen says these barriers are typical of any music program.
“We’re optimistic that we’ll be able to meet those challenges to provide a rewarding experience for our students,” Feyen said.

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