He’s looking to soar: Asad Muhammad from Lego man to aviation

He’s looking to soar: Asad Muhammad from Lego man to aviation
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By Mark A. Cadiz Courier Staff Graphic by César Ojeda
Recognized as part of the Toronto duo who launched a lego man into the stratosphere, Asad Muhammad’s future looks bright.
A year ago, Muhammad and his buddy Matthew Ho aimed for the skies, grabbing worldwide attention with their space bound capsule.
The capsule carried four cameras, their lego man and Asad’s cellphone, which allowed them to track the capsule’s location after its parachute drop back to earth.
He has come a long way since his childhood where he grew up near an airfield in Karachi Pakistan,
“I would see these cool airplanes taking off every day and I developed a passion for aviation,” he said. “The fighter jets would patrol the area and I watched them till I moved here in 2006.”
Passing on the university route, Muhammad now studies aviation at Centential College’s Ashtonbee campus spending time in the hangar and tinkering with jet engines.
He says he prefers the hands-on approach over the strict nose in the books way.
Since the space mission, Muhammad has been in demand, being invited to speak at Ted Talks and being personally invited by the Canadian Space Agency to visit their facilities.
“In aviation there are two fields,” he said. “Either you specialize in avionics which focuses more on the electronic side, or maintenance, which focuses on hydraulics, landing gear and engines.”
Muhammad has a year and a half left at Centennial college and is still undecided, but wherever he goes it’s a sure bet he will find his dream job in aviation.

Getting to Know Asad
– Centennial student studying aviation
– Originally from Pakistan
– Lived near an airfield in Pakistan
– Saw fighter jets flying in and out from a young age
– Saw planes taking off everyday
– Developed a passion for aviation
– Moved to Toronto in 2006
– Born Feb 19, 1994
– Youngest of three kids
– Invited to speak at TedTalks twice!
– Sent lego man with Canadian flag into space at 17
– Lego man soared 24 kilometres into stratosphere
– Invited to the Canadian Space Agency
– Borrowed Mum’s sewing machine to make the parachute for space capsule.
– Made a toy motor boat when he was nine
– Likes to sketch
– Been playing with electronics since he was young

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