Mind Your Manners

Mind Your Manners
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As a well behaved gym user you often see that one member that does something to grind your gears. Like sweaty Joe who leaves puddles on every bench that he uses without a care to wipe it off. Or that one guy who walks around talking to girls and looking at himself in the mirror but doesn’t seem to be working out. Ever. We wish that a staff member would say something to these people. Why doesn’t everyone use their common sense? The truth is that maybe a staff person has spoken to them. And there are definitely rules in place to prevent unfriendly behaviour and activities. But some people have a different plan. They come from a different environment, carry different habits. None the less, they need a friendly reminder of proper gym etiquette.

Below is a friendly list of Do’s & Don’ts of gym behaviour. Please exercise responsibly.

– Do wipe down after yourself. Please do not leave personal puddles on every bench that you use. No one wants to see that.

– Do learn about personal hygiene. (Deodorant, clean clothes etc.) It is a shared space. We want it to be welcoming. We want people to talk to you.

– Do turn your music down. Keep headphones on if you like, but the rest of the gym may not want to listen to your personal pump play list.

– Do put back your weights. If you are strong enough to lift them you are strong enough to put them back. Just do it.


– Don’t wear your swimsuit to the gym. I am talking Speedos, tiny shorts and “does thatt even count as a tank top?” Do you plan on swimming in the pool of sweat that Sweaty Joe forgot to wipe off his bench?

– Don’t drop the dumbbells from dizzying altitudes. Don’t throw them either. You like the equipment? Please respect it. And the toes on the feet around you.

– Don’t give unwanted advice. They are not good pickup lines. It makes things awkward. We have professional trainers you can call upon if needed.

– Don’t try to start a conversation with someone in the middle of a set. What’s the matter with you. They are in “the zone.” Be respectful and wait for them to take a break.

– Don’t be a creep. Don’t stare. Don’t give awkward comments. Don’t linger in and around the change rooms. It’s weird. It makes people think you have issues or are a felon.

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