It’s not too late to clinch that summer job

It’s not too late to clinch that summer job
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By Lauren LiBetti Courier Editor,
Graphics By Adam Medley

Although it’s a little late to be looking for summer jobs, not all hope is lost.

Tanya Gokhshteyn, student employment advisor at Centennial College, says students don’t realize they need to start looking for jobs in January. When April comes around and classes are finished, students will be shocked as to how many summer positions are already filled.
For those of you who don’t have summer employment lined up, Gokhshteyn offered some advice.
“Before you apply, always research the company so you can target your resume to it. Do your homework,” Gokhshteyn said. “And contact companies now. Don’t wait for job postings.”

Gokhshteyn says students should apply to summer jobs in the same way they apply for full-time jobs. Resume building, company research, using career services and interview preparation are all important.

Many students hope to find summer employment that is specific to their field of study. Gokhshteyn says students need to evaluate how important this is to their goals, and consider taking a volunteer position, while working an unrelated summer job. The most popular summer positions that are still accepting applications include: camps, landscaping, golf clubs and food services positions.

Through the Ontario Summer Jobs Strategy, the Ontario government is also trying to help students with summer employment. Gyula Kovacs, Senior Media Relations and Issues Coordinator at the Government of Ontario, said this strategy helped more than 100,000 students find jobs last summer.
“The Ontario government provides a $2 per hour incentive to employers to hire students and offers students self-marketing and job search services to help them find summer employment,” Gyula said. “In 2012, across Ontario, there were 6,745 employers who received hiring incentives under the Summer Jobs Service.”

Students can browse jobs and learn more about the Ontario Summer Jobs Strategy by visiting:

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