Changing The Way You See The World

Changing The Way You See The World
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By Naomi Grosman
Comics can change our perception of ourselves and others. They can make us laugh and make us think. If one comic strip could change the world, it would be DitzAbled Princess.
DitzAbled Princess is a comic from Jewel Kats, author and Centennial College alum, Kats has high hopes for her latest creation. It comes out every Wednesday and Sunday on and has been published as a book DitzAbled Princess: A Comical Diary.
“This isn´t just a comic strip, it´s a revolution,” said Kats.
At the age of nine, Kats was in a serious car accident and subsequently spent weeks in the hospital undergoing numerous surgeries.
“Now I have osteopenia and also arthritis…some days are really good and some days I´m in a lot of pain,” said Kats. “Today’s a good day so I manage to walk with my favourite pink elbow crutch.”
The pink crutch makes numerous appearances in her comic strip. The main character and star of the comic strip is based on Kats herself.
Kats has been a prolific writer in her career. She has mainly focused on writing for children, but the comic strip is definitely aimed more towards adults and she is not afraid to use humour.
“It (humour) empowers me in a way, because, the joke´s on you right?” said Kats.
With humour, Kats sheds light on the stigma and misconceptions society has about people who have disabilities. She mentions that when people think about disabilities they often think of sickness and illness. Her comic shatters that view.
“I´m finding that I´m getting a lot of support from the disabled community but my goal is to also make it mainstream.”
Her goal might very well be realized. After only a month online, the comic strip has already reached more than 10,000 views.
“I want it to grow like a weed,” said Kats. I want it to become huge, to become like a household name.”
To check out DitzAbled Princess go to:
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