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Centennial College Celebrates Amazing Athletes
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By Maria Shipulina
Photos by Danroy Hunt of Foresight Video

Walking by Progress Campus on Wednesday night every Centennial student would be surprised to see the gym transform into a chic venue and college athletes looking like movie stars ready to receive their Oscar.
“You always look great, but tonight you all look absolutely fascinating!” Jennifer Leith, VP of Student & Community Engagement, said in her speech.

On Wed, April 3 athletes, coaches, administration and students gathered...

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He’s looking to soar: Asad Muhammad from Lego man to aviation
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By Mark A. Cadiz Courier Staff Graphic by César Ojeda
Recognized as part of the Toronto duo who launched a lego man into the stratosphere, Asad Muhammad’s future looks bright.

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Travel Deals For You
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By Paula Last

What do you get when you mix the Internet, a few air mattresses and a bad economy? Student travel, made easy.

If you think that student travel is just about cheap digs, you’d be wrong. The ‘shareconomy’ means that many locals now offer weary travellers an actual home away from home.


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Mind Your Manners
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As a well behaved gym user you often see that one member that does something to grind your gears. Like sweaty Joe who leaves puddles on every bench that he uses without a care to wipe it off. Or that one guy who walks around talking to girls and looking at himself in the mirror but doesn’t seem to be working out. Ever. We wish that a staff member would say something to these people. Why doesn’t everyone use their common sense? The truth is that maybe a staff person has spoken to them. And there are definitely rules in place to prevent unfriendly...

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Raise Your Voices
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If you ask people what their biggest fear is, most would respond with public speaking. The dreaded class presentation or speech has always struck fear into students and is a scary prospect at the best of times. Three Centennial Students chose to face their fears in a competition which pitted them against some well-trained and confident college students.

They competed in the Voices Speech Competition at the Great Hall on April 28. The competition was organized by students for students from Centennial, George Brown and Seneca Colleges with...

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It’s not too late to clinch that summer job
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By Lauren LiBetti Courier Editor,
Graphics By Adam Medley

Although it’s a little late to be looking for summer jobs, not all hope is lost.

Tanya Gokhshteyn, student employment advisor at Centennial College, says students don’t realize they need to start looking for jobs in January. When April comes around and classes are finished, students will be shocked as to how many summer positions are already filled.
For those of you who don’t have summer employment lined up, Gokhshteyn...

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Your Blood Could Save a Life
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By Will Koblensky
More blood and stem cell donors are needed, especially young ethnically diverse males for the later. Hailu Mulatu is the donor management coordinator at OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, a Canadian Blood Services program, and he has been giving talks at Colleges and High Schools around Toronto including Centennial’s Progress Campus.
“Seventy-five percent of the patients rely on someone they do not know and someone would be of the same ethnic background as the patient is,” said Mr. Mulatu regarding...

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Changing The Way You See The World
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By Naomi Grosman
Comics can change our perception of ourselves and others. They can make us laugh and make us think. If one comic strip could change the world, it would be DitzAbled Princess.
DitzAbled Princess is a comic from Jewel Kats, author and Centennial College alum, Kats has high hopes for her latest creation. It comes out every Wednesday and Sunday on and has been published as a book DitzAbled Princess: A Comical Diary.
“This isn´t just a comic strip, it´s a revolution,” said Kats.
At the...

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