Students Walking a Fine Line

Students Walking a Fine Line
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By Arooj Yaqub Courier Staff,
Photos by Brenton Mowforth

ABOVE: (L-R) Erin Peck and Erin Deviney. RIGHT: (L-R) Chef John Placko and Ennis Esmer.

For those who want to experience what poverty actually feels like rather than handing straight cash to a charity, there’s Live Below the Line. The campaign that advocates living on $1.75 a day had its launch on March 6th at Nella Cucina at 876 Bathurst St.

A variety of people came out to support the cause including Ennis Esmer from The Listener on CTV.
Those who came out that day to support the cause learned three dishes from Chef John Placko. From breakfast to dinner, he targeted filling dishes whilst staying within budget for their challenge.
The LBL is planning on getting people involved by challenging them to living off of 1.75 dollars a day for all three meals a day for five days which totals to $8.75.

A vital component of this challenge was getting younger people involved.
“We’re going to be going to classes and talking to students, visiting different campuses, any resource we have is being utilized … We’re just trying to get students involved in a very worthwhile cause.” said LBL ambassador, Jennifer Gagnon.

The Global Poverty Project has worked in conjunction with Centennial College in the past and was another reason why founder of LBL Erin Deviney was keen on having them on board.
“I think young people are the best agents of change. You see the world n a way that you can still change it. I think when people get to a certain stage in life they feel like things are fixed and most good ideas right now are coming out of young people.” She said.

Students can go to to sign up individually or as a team as soon as today. The challenge will run from April 29th to May 3rd . They can pick from four charities to promote including Cuso International, Raise The Village, Results Canada and Spread The Net.

Founder of LBL, Erin Deviney has been a close friend with Ennis Esmer, a star on the CTV series The Listener.
“…Five dollars here two dollars there you don’t even think about it… so the idea of …what you do when you to approach a five day period, that’s something that really stuck out to me.” He said.
The two laughed as they counted five days worth of change as the day wrapped up at the launch of what’s to become a great endeavour.
“ Okay we can handle this let me see. You hold it up, there’s an egg, there’s two eggs, I’m gonna eat a lot a eggs next week!” he said

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