Ramped Up For Music

Ramped Up For Music
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By Lauren LiBetti Courier Staff

Talented students and teachers spontaneously belt out music on the grand piano at the Centre for Creative Communications. Come September, expect the piano to be a little busier than usual.
Centennial College is currently awaiting ministry approval to open the Music Industry Arts and Performance program this fall. Jesse Feyen is the program developer and coordinator. He hopes to spread the word about the program and spark interest by hosting a weekly music session called “Ramped Up for Music.”
“When I first came to this campus I thought it was so interesting that there was a grand piano in the main area,” Feyen said. “I thought, ‘What could we do to create buzz around the new music program?’”

Ramped Up for Music happens every Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. on the grand piano. Feyen entertains audiences with popular songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Beautiful Day by U2. Expect to see other performers as well, including future Centennial teacher Natalie Stewart. Stewart’s focus is primarily soul music.
“It’s been cool, people happen to be walking by and their ears perk up,” Feyen said.
Since Ramped Up for Music takes place around lunchtime, Feyen hopes it will turn into a “lunch and a show” event that gets everyone “excited about the fact music is coming to Centennial.”

Feyen grew up in a musical family in Chatham, his father played the drums and his mother the piano. He says the house was filled with ‘50s and ‘60s music, and plenty of music documentaries that he watched with his dad.

Feyen offered advice to those who want to learn to play an instrument.
“They should take some private lessons, at least at the beginning, so they don’t learn bad habits at the start,” Feyen said. “It’s something you should do because you love it. Play the music you love.”

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