Finding your home away from home

Finding your home away from home
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By Naomi Grosman Courier Staff
Graphic by Adam Medley

Being in college is expensive. As a college student, you have to pay tuition and pay for books and sometimes it seems that the list of expenses are never ending. To add to this list, a lot of students choose to leave the comfort of their home and rent a room or apartment while at school. There are choices available and things to consider before deciding to rent, whether you want to stay on or off campus. is a website that provides college students with a database of rental housing to search through. Centennial College partners with the website and makes it easier for students at the college to find off-campus housing that is conveniently located.
Darren Vanecko, president of Places4students Inc. says that there are advantages for students that choose to rent off-campus while studying.

“The main benefit of renting an Off-Campus accommodation is that students will learn how to budget their resources and live independently,” Vanecko said. “This is a life skill that will benefit all students while at college, as well as afterwards, once they start their career.”

Vanecko adds that it is important to budget realistically when deciding to rent a place while studying.
“We also recommend renting all-inclusive units, so that all costs are included in the rent and there are no hidden surprises to pay for.” Vanecko said.

There are other options when it comes to finding accommodation while studying. Sara Young, General Manager at Centennial College Residence knows about the benefits of staying on campus for accommodation.

“Some of the benefits that the Residence offers are; the convenience of being steps away from the progress campus, a fully furnished room with features such as Internet access and television included, the residence also offers laundry and kitchen facilities.” Young said.

No matter what type of housing you are looking for while at college, you do have options that are good to look into before making a definitive decision. You can find more information about both these options at and

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