Athelete Happy and Proud

Athelete Happy and Proud
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By Maria Shipulina Courier Staff

Centennial College has had a big year for athletics with another excellent showing by the Men’s Varsity Basketball team, an encouraging year from the Women’s Basketball team, a Provincial Bronze Medal from the Women’s Soccer team and a strong showing by the Men’s Soccer team as well.

Centennial College demonstrated their athletic excellence again when they hosted the OCAA Badminton Championships this year on Frebruary 15 and 16. Centennial had five athletes representing the College and can be proud of how well the tournament was organized.

The evening before the event, the courts were available for the teams to warm-up, there was food and drinks for the guests all the time and a championship banquet for the players to celebrate after the tournament.
“It is the coolest provincials so far, all the teams say,” Kevin Guan, Centennial doubles player said.
The first day of the championships was both disappointing and encouraging for the Colts. The men’s doubles team of Kevin Guan and Kevin Ronkiewicz lost all their matches and had no chance of advancing to the Nationals.

Maria Shipulina, first year singles player lost her first two matches and had to drop out of the competition because of a knee injury.
“Injuries happen all the time, of course she is upset, but it will heal and she will be ready to play next year,” Tina Szeto, Head Therapist of the team said.

The Colts had great expectations for the women’s doubles team. In the first day of the tournament Jia Yi Feng and Sarah Nualan won all their games and looked to be in excellent position to go pretty deep in the tournament.

However, the next morning, they lost their first match to very strong opponents from Humber College. That loss cost them some confidence and they ended up losing their semifinal and bronze medal matches.
“We were so close to the Bronze, but I was too nervous and couldn’t stop making mistakes,” Nualan said.
“I am disappointed in my performance. I let my partner down.”

Despite the lost games, the unexpected injuries and disappointment Centennial College is thankful to the athletes for their dedication, time and effort, and hope they will do better next year.

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