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Finding your home away from home
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By Naomi Grosman Courier Staff
Graphic by Adam Medley

Being in college is expensive. As a college student, you have to pay tuition and pay for books and sometimes it seems that the list of expenses are never ending. To add to this list, a lot of students choose to leave the comfort of their home and rent a room or apartment while at school. There are choices available and things to consider before deciding to rent, whether you want to stay on or off campus. is a website that provides college students...

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Do You Know Where Your TTC Metropass Came From?
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By Paula Last
Courier Staff
Students are a prime market for counterfeit TTC metropasses and tokens.
“We know that stations and routes near colleges and universities tend to be hot spots,” said TTC Investigative Services Staff Sgt. Mark Russell.
Russell said that students should be on guard if they want to buy metropasses from other students or online.
“Their spidey-senses need to be...

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Barter to be Smarter
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By Mark Cadiz Courier Staff

The old fashioned ways of bartering are back. The bygone system of exchanging one item for another as a form of payment is seeing a revival with education and students receiving the benefit of this retro system.

Trade School, an alternative school for learning, is re-developing the concept of barter for education.
The school, which started in New York in 2010, has expanded to...

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New Lounge At Progress Student Centre
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Students Walking a Fine Line
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By Arooj Yaqub Courier Staff,
Photos by Brenton Mowforth

ABOVE: (L-R) Erin Peck and Erin Deviney. RIGHT: (L-R) Chef John Placko and Ennis Esmer.

For those who want to experience what poverty actually feels like rather than handing straight cash to a charity, there’s Live Below the Line. The campaign that advocates living on $1.75 a day had...

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Ramped Up For Music
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By Lauren LiBetti Courier Staff

Talented students and teachers spontaneously belt out music on the grand piano at the Centre for Creative Communications. Come September, expect the piano to be a little busier than usual.
Centennial College is currently awaiting ministry approval to open the Music Industry Arts and Performance program this fall. Jesse Feyen is the program developer and coordinator. He hopes to spread the word about the program and spark interest by hosting a weekly music session called “Ramped Up for...

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Start to Workout Heart Smart
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By Hannah Richardson AWC Fitness Services Representative, Graphics by Moru Wang

Checking your heart rate can be one of the easiest, yet one of the most forgotten things done during a workout. Working within a healthy heart rate range (target heart rate zone) offers great benefits, such as allowing the...

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Athelete Happy and Proud
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By Maria Shipulina Courier Staff

Centennial College has had a big year for athletics with another excellent showing by the Men’s Varsity Basketball team, an encouraging year from the Women’s Basketball team, a Provincial Bronze Medal from the Women’s Soccer team and a strong showing by the Men’s Soccer team as well.

Centennial College demonstrated their athletic excellence again when they hosted the OCAA Badminton Championships this year on Frebruary 15 and 16. Centennial had five athletes representing...

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Sports Journalism Take on the Blue Jays
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By Mitch McClure Courier Staff,
Photo by Vinia Raymundo

When it comes to journalism there is no replacement for real-life experience. Sitting in a classroom learning the ins and outs of the trade is a great foundation, but at some point practical experience is a neccisity.

That is one reason students from the Sports Journalism program at Centennial College flew to Tampa Bay, Florida during reading week.

They were there to cover a veriety of sporting events, but most notably Major League Baseball’s spring...

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