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Q & A with Terence Nelson
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By Mark Cadiz
Courier Staff

Standing at 6”4 and weighing 205lbs, Centennial college basketball player Terence Nelson is one of the key players on the Colts basketball team. As the team is ranked among the top 15 in the country, Terence’s contribution on the court has been a factor to the team’s success.

Could you tell me about yourself and a little bit about your role with the Centennial College Student Association?

I was born in Toronto and returned to school in the...

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Mental health support services take centre stage at service fair
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Money-Ball Frenzy
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Junior Varsity Centre Takes Top Prize in Inaugural Shootout

By Mitch McClure
Courier Staff

It was raining three-pointers at Centennial College on Wednesday, January 30th as the college hosted an open invitational Three-Point Shootout.

It took place at Progress Campus and over twenty-five students participated in the event. Both men and women took part in the shootout. The rules were very straightforward; thirty seconds were given to each shooter to throw up nine three-pointers...

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How Centennial Speaks
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Are you paying too much?
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Surveys show that nursing students may in fact be paying for fees they shouldn’t be.

By Paula Last Courier Editor

When you bought your textbooks this year, did the price include online access to a test or quiz that counts toward your final grade?

If you answered yes, you may have been overcharged.
Here’s an example.

The textbook Fundamentals of Nursing: The nature of nursing practice in Canada by Kozier et al. is on the list for Practical Nursing Theory 1.

If you buy the book new, it comes...

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