Making the Big Move:

Making the Big Move:
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Knowing when and how to move in with your significant other

By Naomi Grosman

Before moving in with your significant other, you might want some tips from an expert. On her blog, Tiffany Current, author of How to Move in with Your Boyfriend (and Not Break up with Him,) offers some advice. Here are some highlights from her blog that you might want to take in to consideration before making a definitive decision.

1) Why is it worth it?

There are so many things to be apprehensive about when considering the big move. There are however some things to be excited about as well.

2) Have the talk: Where is this relationship going?

It might be a nerve-wracking conversation but Current emphasizes the importance of sharing and talking about where you think the relationship should be headed. Topics like kids, marriage or what plans you might have for the future are necessary to touch upon in this very important conversation.
“You don´t want to go into your live-in with certain expectations and discover your BF has no immediate plans for your future.” Current says.

3) House rules
Make sure you and your partner have similar rules when it comes to having friends over. Do you allow smoking or pets inside the house? It might be helpful to make a list of dos and do nots before having friends over in your new, shared space.

4) De-clutter your closet

Before moving in together it is important to go through all of the stuff that you have, clothes and otherwise. Throw away the things that you don´t need.
“You are combining your life with your boyfriend, the least you can do is give him enough closet space to survive,” Current says.

5) Take your time

According to Current, there are a few other important considerations before you make the decision. Make sure you are not rushing into things. “Get to know each other first before taking the plunge.” Current says. Also, realize that the relationship needs to be a partnership. “You need to be willing to work together and share in the responsibilities,” Current says.

Advice is from Tiffany Current´s blog:

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