Put Your Back into It

Put Your Back into It
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Matt Burns RMT, SIT Registered Massage Therapist, Sports Injury Therapist

Back pain affects us all. Some people have occasional low back pain, some have constant mid back pain. Many have pain in between their shoulder blades. A very common theme is that much of the back pain we experience is soft tissue related, meaning tissues like muscles and tendons.

Much of the knots, tension and pain we experience is actually due to prolonged flexion postures. Sitting at the computer for long periods, driving for hours, slouched on the couch watching Dexter marathons all put the body into a flexion posture. Forward rotated shoulders, increased mid back curve, lower back strain are all characteristics of flexion postures.

Spinal extension is a major factor in minimizing back pain. This can be as simple as stretching out over a work ball or as complex as a personalized back exercise plan created by a personal trainer or, as great as a massage. A quick and easy way to incorporate spinal extension into your day is to do a “superman.”

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