Centennial Moves to Pickering

Centennial Moves to Pickering
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By Lauren LiBetti Courier Editor
When Centennial puts its mind to something, there’s not much that can be done to stop it. The idea to start a new Corporate Communications and Public Relations program came about in 2010. About two years later, the idea was made concrete.
“It’s been quite the ride. It’s very exciting actually,” said Sheldon Rose.
Rose is the program coordinator for the Corporate Communications and Public Relations program at Centennial’s new Pickering Learning Site.
“I looked at our enrollments, and which programs were robust in enrollment. We did some research just looking at where the students come from. Several were coming from eastern Scarborough, and the Durham area. So it was a natural fit,” Dean of the Centre for Creative Communications, Nate Horowitz, said.
The program, which consists of 10 full-time students, operates on a hybrid model, blending in-class and online learning.
“It’s the best of both worlds. Many of our students work part-time. They find the flexibility quite an opportunity for them,” Rose said. “They have the same types of classes (as CCC’s program), same course material, but a flexible schedule.”
Students at the Pickering site complete two semesters of classes, in addition to an eight-week field placement. The intimate class setting provides an environment for students to thrive.
“I think there is more interaction between the students and the instructors. Because these students being post-grad, they’ve had some work experience and life skills. They bring that into the classroom as well, so it creates quite a dynamic discussion in many classes,” Rose said.
Applications to the Pickering Corporate Communications and Public Relations program are already coming in to OCAS for September 2013. According to Horowitz, “In terms of numbers, it’s looking good.”

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