What’s in a name

What’s in a name
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By Lauren LiBetti
Courier Staff

The Centre for Creative Communications is growing up. Its jeans are a little too short, its sneakers are two sizes too small. Nate Horowitz, Dean of the Centre for Creative Communications believes a new name must be given to the campus in order to reflect the growth CCC has seen over the years.

“We’ve had the name since 1994 and we’ve changed as an institution, as a school and as a campus. I think it’s time to rename our campus so that it’s much more reflective,” Horowitz said. “I just don’t think the old name is suitable, it’s not appropriate, it doesn’t reflect who we are and it’s not at all unique.”

The work of CCC students is remarkable in its own right; however, Horowitz believes the name of the campus does not adequately reflect this.

“If you stand out and do amazing things, your name will be associated with that. I think we do amazing work here, but I think we are kind of caught in this giant haze of not being clearly identified,” Horowitz said.

The idea to change the name of CCC started brewing about a year and a half ago. Horowitz consulted faculty, staff, students, alumni and industry experts to help identify the factors crucial to the development of a new name.

“Looking at it (CCC) I thought, where do we want to take this school, what’s the persona of the school, what do we want it to be like, how do we want it to stand apart and what’s our strength?” Horowitz said.

Questions like this are still in the process of being answered as Horowitz works with a team to develop CCC’s new identity.

“We want people to have a very strong, positive, emotional attachment when they hear about us. I think we’re on the right track, but we’re not there yet,” Horowitz said.

Taking all these factors into consideration, Horowitz estimates the new name for CCC will be announced in June 2013.
“When students say ‘I go to this campus,’ that will really stand out, because it will be different than every other name that is out there. It will weave a thread through everything we do here, which is very hard, but it can be done,” Horowitz said. “Whatever it’s going to be, I don’t think everybody is going to love it, but I think a lot of people will understand it and respect it.”

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