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Seventy years of nightmares
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Last summer marked the 70th anniversary of the raid on Dieppe by Allied troops testing German defences in occupied France during the Second World War. The Courier invited Centennial College journalism professor Ted Barris to shed some light on the battle.

Ron Beal knew he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“The ramp of the assault landing craft went down,” he said, “and all I could see ahead of me was the small-arms fire, hitting the water just like rain.”

On Aug. 19, 1942 – 70 years ago this year – 6,086...

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One of our own
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By Aldis Brennan Historical Editor

It was a Sunday and Frank Moritsugu was at a friend’s house having tea and cookies after church. He was chatting, trying to catch the eye of a pretty girl.

There was swing music playing on the radio in the background. Every so often static would interrupt the song. Eventually someone became annoyed and turned the volume up. The static turned into a voice: ‘The Japanese have attacked and bombed Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.’
“I remember walking the four blocks back down to where I lived and...

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Philosophers apply within
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By Theresa Spohn Courier Contributor

On Thursday November 1, a wide ranging discussion was held regarding youth and post secondary institutions. Topics included accessibility and funding. The occasion was the monthly Philosopher’s Café hosted by Centennial’s Institute for Global Citizenship. Leading the discussion was Dr. Eva Aboagye, the Institute’s Senior Researcher.

“When I attended university in Ghana post-secondary education was free. But there were only a number of openings and only those with the highest marks got in, “ she said.

Nikesh Bhagat, a fellow Institute researcher, noted something has to be done in the face of “crushing...

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To never forget
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By Akihiko Tse News Editor

When Anne Frank’s father Otto, the lone survivor of the Frank family, first read manuscripts of Anne’s diary following her death at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, he discovered a side to her much different from how she comported herself around the attic of a hidden annex in Amsterdam eluding Nazi capture.

“She criticized many things,” Otto Frank said. “She never really showed this kind of inner feeling [around people].”

The reclusive yet unfettering activity of documenting one’s inner stream of consciousness in times of hardship and suffering was a particularly poignant and somber theme at the 32nd Holocaust...

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Getting Centennial students employed
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By Lilian Asante
Courier Staff

Before attending Centennial College, Joshua Spence, 21, worked as a shelf stocker at NoFrills for two years.

Now a full-time Journalism student at the Centre for Creative Communications, he said he sometimes regrets quitting his job to focus on school.

“I have been unemployed for two years and searching for a new job for one year,” he said. “I just thought it would be too much to balance school and work.”

Spence, is one of roughly 111,600 Ontario students who were unemployed this summer....

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In flight, Centennial’s aviation program
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By Coriandre Lawrence
Features Editor

The School of Transportation at Centennial College has been offering aviation programs for over 40 years to the City of Toronto.

The program operates from the Ashtonbee campus and offers three streams, aircraft maintenance, avionics maintenance and pilot training. Avionic maintenance focuses on electronics while aircraft maintenance zones in on the mechanical and structural elements of an aircraft. Pilot training on the other hand, as the name suggests, offers up various levels of professional...

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Q&A With Hypnotist Tony Lee
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Scott Barber News Editor

Tony Lee performed his XXX hypnotist show at Centennial College on Oct. 26. The Courier’s Scott Barber spoke with Lee before the show, to find out more about hypnotism.

Scott Barber What is like to be hypnotized?

Tony Lee People hypnotize themselves, it is a self-induced state of mind. The hypnotist is just a guide.

Picture yourself driving down the road, like the 401. After a while you sort of go ‘f*** did I miss my turn? Did we pass the...

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New Sports Jerseys: A New Era In Centennial College Sports
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Centennial College’s new line of sports jerseys were introduced during the women’s soccer game against Durham College on October 3rd.

That game also marked the first time Centennial played on their new soccer pitch at Progress Campus.
Be sure to check out the new jerseys as Centennial opens up its basketball season on October 30th against Loyalist College.

The women play at 6 PM as the men play right after at 8 PM. The game can be attended at Progress Campus.

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Finding time to fit in fitness
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By Joshua Delgado Sports Contributor

Finding it hard to fit in fitness? You are not alone. The number one excuse for not hitting the gym is, “I don’t have time.” We hear it quite often in the Athletic and Wellness Centre at Progress Campus. And we understand.

In addition to being busy with school work, some of you have part time or full time jobs, dependents, and many other extra curricular activities and responsibilities.

There are never enough hours in a day. I agree.

It can be very difficult to find 1-2 hours for yourself to hit the gym and follow anything that resembles a structured regime. It can be very difficult,...

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Soccer teams defined by effort
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By Nick Prospero
Sports Editor

Lady Colts Playoff Hunt

The Centennial Colts women’s soccer team is only one win away from playing for the OCAA championship.
The Colts Cinderella story began after barely sneaking into the playoffs for the first time since 2004.

The Colts then beat La Cite 1-0 on Oct. 14, making them the only lower seeded team of the playoffs to advance to the quartre-finals.

The Colts then defeated top seeded Sheridan on Oct. 20, who...

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