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President’s compensation movement
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By Akihiko Tse
Courier Staff

Two separate motions were approved in a final vote at the Annual General Meeting on Oct. 24. The first was increasing the CCSAI President’s compensation as well as enacting the change permanently into the college’s bylaws. They were passed unanimously by the Student Association board.

The increase in compensation sees the current and future presidents’ base compensation rise from $28,000 to $32,500 starting Nov. 1. This includes both the honorarium for the position and a $10,000 taxable support fund that they can apply for on a yearly basis to help finance “appropriate living...

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Medical Aid Circles the Globe
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By Scott Barber News Editor

Centennial students support local effort to assist medical stability across the seas

Centennial students are helping disaster victims across the world with Global Medic.
The humanitarian organization provides disaster relief in regions affected by conflict or natural disaster, while striving to increase the independence of countries in the developing world. The group also provides emergency medical training.

Global Medic was founded by a Toronto paramedic named Rahul Singh. Singh worked with a number of international disaster relief organizations and was disappointed by how they used their resources.


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Centennial opens doors for higher learning
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By Lauren LiBetti
Courier Staff

A sense of pride resonates as the school support officer describes the recruitment of high school students. Typical marketing strategies are set aside; Centennial College prefers transparency and honesty.

“It’s the way you come across. It’s about being ethical, very considerate. We try to be more informative rather than just looking for students,” Lohan Santhirasekaran said.

Santhirasekaran is the Assistant to Dean Nate Horowitz at the Creative Communications...

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Soccer gets big kick out of Gordon
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Defender Chelsea Gordon was named the OCAA East defensive player of the year.

A tough regular season parlayed into playoff success sparks coach of the year award for Diarmuid O’Connor.

By Zenaira Ali
Sports Editor

Women’s soccer captain Chelsea Gordon, 22, did not choose to play defense.

“That’s where I was put. I enjoy it and I do like being a defender,...

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Welcoming the Riders to the Centennial Party
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The Centennial College Colts will have a new breed of fan starting this semester, as the Centennial College Athletic

Department has announced the arrival of the Colts Riders, Centennial’s very own fan club.

According to Centennial’s sports information officer Paul Martin, all fans need to do to become a Colts Rider is come out and support a varsity or intramural team by making some noise and cheering them on. It’s that easy!


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Lady Colts capture soccer bronze
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After two nerve-racking halves, the Lady Colts pull off the late game heroics to claim a bronze medal.
A picture of the bronze medal (Left) handed out to the Lady Colts after their super tight win over the Algonquin Thunder.

The Lady Colts (Right) celebrate their bronze winning performance after midfielder Colleen Johnston potted the winner after both teams went to penality kicks to settle the match.

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Stressed out by school? Why not take a trip. And what better way to travel than with the help of Centennial’s own travel advisor and trip aficionado.

By Rebecca Steckham A&L Editor

It’s November. A lot of students are completely stressed and burnt out at this point. There are midterms, essays and final projects all at once, making it seem like your professors are gunning for you. It has also started to snow and the temperature has dropped way down. But just beyond this bleak month is the holiday break, which...

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Roller Derby Librarian
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Librarian by day, Bruiser by night, Jan Dawson uses her skills to excell at both. She is one of the leaders of the askON program, which is a chat-based information service that helps students with their research

Story and Photos by Paula Last Courier Staff
Jan Dawson elbows her way through a pack hurtling around The Bunker at Downsview Park. A handful of Saturday nights each year, Dawson dons her cherry red helmet, bad-ass name, black mouth guard and aggressive attitude. This is roller derby and she is a Bay Street...

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Ain’t No Party Like a Halloween Party
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Have you been feeling SAD?
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What’s the weather got to with it?
Centennial College councillor Eric Dunn talks about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression caused by the change in seasons.

By Jaclyn Dunham Assistant Managing Editor, Graphic by Moru Wang

As the days continue to get shorter and the sun stubbornly refuses to shine, most people notice a drop in their mood and overall happiness during this notoriously gloomy time of year.

While it seems common enough that people feel more down during the winter...

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