Gorilla Glass Take Over

Gorilla Glass Take Over
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By Mark A. Cadiz Courier Staff

As history recalls, the formula that led to the Gorilla Glass technology of today remained dormant for years and it wasn’t until 2006 that Corning shook the dust off and started tinkering with new glass formulas.

Centennial’s own Nina Jagaric, a professor from the Electronics Engineering faculty at the Progress campus believes that Gorilla Glass has revolutionized glass technology.

“Before Gorilla Glass, display solutions were limited to plastics for smaller devices and thick heavy glass for larger screens,” Jagaric said.
And with the increasing rate among teachers and students using mobile technologies the potential to use them as tools for education is huge.

“Gorilla Glass has provided an enhanced touch screen experience and as a teacher, I see mobile devices as a big game changer in how we apply education in the future,” she said.

Did you know:

Gorilla Glass is now featured in over 1 billion devices around the world including major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Dell, Nokia, Sony, HP and many others!

Gorilla Glass is featured in over 900 product models and 33 brands.

Gorilla Glass is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Q3 Sales alone in 2012 have totaled $363 million up 21 per cent from last year!

Corning Inc. the founders of Gorilla Glass is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics.

Gorilla Glass was first used in the original iPhone.

Gorilla Glass 2’ is 20 per cent stronger than the original formula.

Gorilla Glass’s damage resistant formula is chemically enhanced to absorb the everyday grind of users.

The ultra thin Glass can be produced at 0.5 mm to 2 mm.

For more facts visit Corning’s Gorilla Glass web site at http://www.corninggorillaglass.com

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