Drawing on Experience

Drawing on Experience
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By Coriandre Lawrence
Courier Staff

According to Philip Krueger, program coordinator of game art and design at Centennial College the biggest surprise for many students enrolled in the program is the requirement of traditional drawing skills.

“Even though everything is digital, and you’re working in Macs or Maya, we start out with pencil and paper and they do drawings” he said.

In a recent sit down with the Courier, Krueger explained the process involved in game art design and more specifically character modeling.

The program trains students in building 2D and 3D art assets for video games and the development of game environment and characters. However, Krueger said one of the essential skills needed to work in the industry is being able to draw.

“Everyday I see people come in and they say ‘my son likes playing video games, he’s been noodling around in Photoshop, he learned a little bit of Blender…can he be in your program?’ I say, well, can he draw?”

Krueger, said once students start out drawing the next step is usually making a maquette, a physical 3D model of their character and once they are satisfied its moves to the digital stage.

“There’s sort of a whole pipeline on the front of traditional design skills, where people are just whipping out paper and pencils and drawing stuff,” he said.

He emphasized that 3D modeling can be easily taught to anyone but it doesn’t meant that someone can create something aesthetically interesting as a result.

“I’m looking for artist, that we can teach digital tools to, so then they can make something really cool out of it,” he said.
“That’s sort of where we come from and approaching it from the design aspect…you’ve got to be fairly artistic.”

Requirements to enroll
A portfolio demonstrates of your creativity and ability to communicate visually.
Portfolio pieces may include: life drawings, sketches, paintings, sculptures or digitally produced artwork.
Select 10 to 15 pieces of your best work to submit.
Presentation should be neat and simple, not distracting from the work itself.
Familiarity with one or more graphics applications such as Photoshop, ZBrush, 3DS Max or Maya

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