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‘Practice’ key attribute in Colts cricket success
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Colts capture college cricket championship, but coach has bigger aspirations.
By Zenaira Ali Sports Editor, Photos by Paul Martin
It was a nail-biter to the finish, as Centennial’s cricket team won the first extramural tournament of the season.
Despite losing a game in the first round, the Colts managed to make up for it as they battled their way to the end.
The Colts batted second in the final game against Humber College. Zeeshan Talat was one of Centennial’s last batsmen in their lineup.
“It was a weird feeling...

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Centennial Colts Trading Card- Vivek Pabla
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Colts take charge at Fanshawe tourney
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By Nick Prospero
Sports Editor

The Centennial Colts rolled into London, Ont. this past weekend for the Fanshawe invitational badminton tournament.
In the men’s singles, Kevin Ronkiewicz made to the second round in the main A draw while Jason Van, Aaron Chang, Jerry You, Danny Yiu, Varun Jayanth and Mark Borlongan all played in the B round.

The ladies singles had a great outing with most of the girls staying in the A draw. Sarah Nualan and Jia Yi went as far as the Quarter Finals, while Beelkie...

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Men’s basketball team starts 5-0 for second straight year
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The men’s basketball team is looking to continue its regular season success in their upcoming game against Cambrian College. The Colts have remained perfect like last year.

By Nick Prospero Sports Editor
Photos by Paul Martin

A year later, the exact same record.

The Centennial Colts men’s basketball team has once again started their season perfect after five games, just like they did last year.

The Colts’ latest victims were the St. Lawrence Vikings, who...

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Raise Your Performance With Power Foods
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By James Lu

NUTS such as almonds and walnuts are full of good unsaturated fats. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats help you stay full, and they are also a great source of protein.
Now, don’t be afraid that nuts and seeds contain fat; these are the good types of fat that actually help with fat loss! Both nuts and seeds help build muscles, and help you stay full throughout the day (so you won’t have a sweet tooth for the unhealthy foods). Every nut and seed has...

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Keeping Up With the Jones Q&A
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By Theresa Spohn Courier Contributor

Q: Based on your more recent writing, for example, “The Things that Carried Him” and “Animals”, you seem to have an interest in death. Can you tell us more?

A: They make fun at me a bit at Esquire. Every time I pitch a story there’s a body in it, there’s several bodies in it or there’s someone about to be a body in it. I am obsessed about bodies. I am definitely attracted to stories about death. Once you write about life and death everything else becomes kind of pale,...

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The Golden Ratio in Photography
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Top: The Golden Triangle is an intermediate tool, primarily used in landscapes, or just scenes with diagonal lines. Try lining up the lines of intersection with a vanishing point, if your image has one, or if you’re taking a picture of a guitarist, try lining up the angle of the guitar with the golden lines.

Bottom L to R: The Golden Rectangle is the simplest to use, as most photography novices should...

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Living Wall a Breath of Fresh Air
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Located on Progress campus, this ‘neat collection of plants’ is both beautifully designed and sustainable.

Story and Photo By Aldis Brennan
Features Editor

When Diamond Schmitt Architects was commissioned by Centennial College to build the Library and Academic Facility, they pitched the idea of creating a new front door to the campus. But not just any front door, one that opens into a welcoming, homey space.

“We thought creating this kind of sky-lit interior courtyard could really create almost...

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Drawing on Experience
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By Coriandre Lawrence
Courier Staff

According to Philip Krueger, program coordinator of game art and design at Centennial College the biggest surprise for many students enrolled in the program is the requirement of traditional drawing skills.

“Even though everything is digital, and you’re working in Macs or Maya, we start out with pencil and paper and they do drawings” he said.

In a recent sit down with the Courier, Krueger explained the process involved in game art design...

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Gorilla Glass Take Over
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By Mark A. Cadiz Courier Staff

As history recalls, the formula that led to the Gorilla Glass technology of today remained dormant for years and it wasn’t until 2006 that Corning shook the dust off and started tinkering with new glass formulas.

Centennial’s own Nina Jagaric, a professor from the Electronics Engineering faculty at the Progress campus believes that Gorilla Glass has revolutionized glass technology.

“Before Gorilla Glass, display solutions were limited to plastics for smaller devices and thick heavy glass for larger...

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