Colts get field on campus to call their own after 44 years

Colts get field on campus to call their own after 44 years
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Centennial College soccer teams will now be able to play home games on a soccer field that resides at Progress Campus.
Centennial College’s Campus Recreation and Extramural Coordinator Jordan Robinson delivers a speech to those in attendance for the official opening of Progress Campus’ brand new soccer pitch.

By Nick Prospero Sports Editor
Photo Paul Martin

For the first time in 44 years, the Centennial College Colts soccer teams now have a real pitch to call their own.
Centennial College had the official opening of the new field at Progress campus on Oct. 2, just before the Centennial Colts women’s team stepped on to play against the Durham Lords.

While the Colts have obviously played “home” games throughout their history, they have never actually had a home field that was on an actual Centennial campus. The lack of a real home field meant it was difficult for the Colts to bring fans out to games, something that Centennial athletics director Steve McLaughlin thought the athletes deserved.

“For 44 years we haven’t had the opportunity to play on campus,” McLaughlin said. “So it seemed to us in our department that the student athletes should have the chance to play on campus, and have everybody come out and support them.”

The new pitch comes less than one year after the opening of the new Athletic Wellness Centre (AWC) at Progress campus, which gave a new home court to other Centennial teams including men’s and women’s basketball as well as the indoor soccer team.

McLaughlin said that after the opening of the AWC, a new pitch just made sense.

“It’s part and parcel with the opening of the AWC that we have a world class facility,” McLaughlin said. “From the outside perspective, with all our international students our ability to offer a cricket team or offer women’s rugby – which is a very popular high school sport – we now have the opportunity to do that.”

Johnny Panayiotou, a member of the Centennial Colts men’s soccer team, says he’s excited to finally have fans come and support the team during their games.

“It makes it feel like we’re at home, you know?” Panayiotou said. “If we play at another field, it doesn’t really feel like we have enough fans over to support us. But when we’re at school, we actually have people come out from the school; not just stay inside and play pool and foosball, they come out and support our men’s and women’s sport teams.”

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