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Baby Cham visits Centennial College on Sept. 28 and delivers an awesome performance.

Geoffrey Mosher and Arooj Yaqub Editor-in-Chief and Courier Contributor

Success, his love for our home, and all things “crazy” are what Baby Cham reveals in his interview with the Courier’s Geoffrey Mosher. Oh, And flat tires. And loops. And some red lights too.
Friday September 28th, early evening at Centennial’s progress Campus, in the Student Centre. Mosher and Cham sat facing on a couch.


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No wins on the soccer field for Centennial
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Tough games against tough opponents equals a tough time for the Centennial Colts as both, the Men’s and Women’s teams came up short in getting much needed wins.

The Colts’ Michael Tchoryk (Left) and Nicole Cambell (Top centre) played prominent roles against strong opposition.

By Nick Prospero Sports Editor
Photos by Paul Martin

In the first ever...

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Colts get field on campus to call their own after 44 years
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Centennial College soccer teams will now be able to play home games on a soccer field that resides at Progress Campus.
Centennial College’s Campus Recreation and Extramural Coordinator Jordan Robinson delivers a speech to those in attendance for the official opening of Progress Campus’ brand new soccer pitch.

By Nick Prospero Sports Editor

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The Elephant in the Room
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Akihiko Tse News Editor
Graphic by Leigh Cavanaugh

According to the latest Toronto Vitals Signs report of 2012 that coincided with Mental Illness Awareness Week, 1,678,317 people, or 73.2 per cent of Torontonians, considered their mental health “good or excellent.”

The same report states, however, that 593,016, or 26.5 per cent of the population over the age of 15, consider most days as “quite...

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Now you see it Now you don’t
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By Evan Pang Courier Contributor
Graphic by Irene Gurbein

A paper airplane floated above the audience and landed in a
student’s lap. She was the first volunteer to take part in the act. She brought the airplane back on stage and was asked to state her favourite number and somewhere she would like to travel. The performer asked her to read the writing on the paper airplane. It read “Amsterdam 17.” Magic. This trick was one of many performed by mentalist and illusionist Wayne Hoffman at the Progress campus on Sept. 15...

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Gender Equality By the Numbers
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By Aldis Brennan Feature Editor

Centennial College prides itself on embracing diversity, equity and inclusion as a fundamental aspect of education. It says so in almost all of its official distributed material, including course outlines. But how do we know if they’re accomplishing these lofty goals? The college has a research division known as the Institute for Global Citizenship and Equity that is responsible for just these sorts of topics. Dr. Margaret Brigham is the dean of the institute. She started a project to collect information...

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The Gender Gap: Ashtonbee in Focus
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The apparent gender divide at Ashtonbee has led to problems in the past. But a change in policy and focus on equality is starting to show gradual change in the minds of the students.

By Jackie Dunham
Assistant Managing Editor

Centennial College’s Ashtonbee Campus is home to the School of Transportation, which offers classes in the automotive and aircraft industry. Historically,...

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Life is ‘utterly changed’ for mature students returning to school
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Hasad Zahid is a mature student who also recently immigrated to Canada.
Photo and story by Theresa Spohn Courier Contributor
Hasad Zahid, 48, immigrated to Canada from Bangladesh nearly a year and a half ago. In his home country, he completed an English literature degree at university, wrote for local papers, and worked for the country’s environmental department. He married, had a son and became a landlord. Now he is starting all over again and it has not been easy.
“I am a person just jumping from one branch...

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Parenthood: the ultimate balancing act
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The challenges of being a parent and full-time student at Centennial College
By Scott Barber News Editor
It’s midnight, screeching cries echo off my bedroom walls. I roll out of bed, scoop my daughter from her bassinet, change her diaper and hand her off for feeding.
Two a.m. repeat the process.
Four and six a.m. Same deal.
At eight in the morning the alarm sounds jolting me out of my shallow sleep.
Time for school!
In the final semester before placement in Centennial’s journalism program,...

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Grabbing the bull(er) by the horns
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By Coriandre Lawrence
News Editor

In a recent sit down with Centennial College president Ann Buller, the Courier got some answers to several questions, all pertaining to women pursuing higher education. On a more personal note, Buller also spoke about her own experiences while attending college.

According to Statistics Canada women represent the majority of students in most disciplines within universities and colleges. However women are still marginally represented in comparison to their male counterparts...

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