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Get Involved, Meet People, Live Life
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By Nikki Pulsone
Arts and Lifestyle Editor

Busy hallways, unfamiliar faces and getting lost on campus can sure make a new student feel like they are out of place. But not to worry, with over 20 clubs, nine athletic teams, fitness classes and extramural activities, finding your place at Centennial has never been easier.

Jason Moseley, the Clubs and special events coordinator for the CCSAI, said that joining a club is a great way to meet new people.

“(If you join a club) there are opportunities...

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The war of independent reporting
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During the Second World War, one of the German generals fighting on the eastern front said, “The more I understand war, the more I understand that it’s all about logistics. “The same could be said of war coverage. The picture we’re getting of the conflict in Iraq is skewed, but I think it’s mainly because of logistics. There isn’t a lot of truly independent reporting of this war. Independent war reporting is difficult at best and deadly at worst. Already around Iraq, several correspondents who...

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