Sports journalists come to Centennial to offer students helpful career tips

Sports journalists come to Centennial to offer students helpful career tips
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By Mitchell Newton Courier Staff

On Sept. 18, Centennial College, the Canadian Association of Journalists, and The Sports Group held the Fast Break sports journalism panel to spread knowledge about the industry.

The panelists shared stories about how they started their careers and offered advice for newcomers.

The panelists in attendance were Tas Melas who is the co-founder and co-host of The Basketball Jones on The Score Television Network, Chris Jones the columnist for ESPN the Magazine, Julie Scott of the Canadian Press and Akil Augustine who is the host and producer for NBA TV Canada.

Augustine said it’s important to be versatile.

“If they are choosing between who to fire and it’s the host, producer and photographer, you have more chance of staying if you can do all three,” he said.

Melas said he worked internships for CBC and TSN, despite not enjoying his tenures there.

He began a blog and podcast with his friends and after seven years of working on it unpaid, they were taken on by The Score.

Scott said anyone entering the sports journalism industry needs to be open-minded.

“Take as many opportunities as you can no matter where they are being presented from,” she said.
“Employers like to see people who have the motivation to work in the market as much as they can in any way they can.”

Scott said one of the best ways to make connections is by being likeable.
“If people like you, they will be more inclined to keep you around or recommend you for jobs,” she said.
“Overall it is one of the biggest factors in all of the journalism industry.”

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