Hockey makes its return to Centennial

Hockey makes its return to Centennial
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The NHL players may be locked out, but Centennial College students can return to the ice as hockey resurfaces after last year’s cancellation.

By Zenaira Ali
Courier Staff

Hockey makes its big return to Centennial College for the 2012-2013 season after being cancelled last year. The new coaching staff is already starting to make a ripple.

The new head coach, Kieran Kennedy, played goalie for the Colts during the 2011 – 2011 season.

“I’m a for­mer student and hockey player,” Kennedy said. “I graduated in 2011 – not too long ago.”

He said he was approached by Jordan Robinson, who is the current head of extramural sports at Centennial College.
“He was the coach for the last half of the season and we became friends,” Kennedy said. “He talked to me about having the hockey team come back to the school and he offered me the position.”

Robinson said a major cause for last season’s termination was the vacant coaching position, but that’s not a problem this year.

“The biggest thing is that we’re able to have two coaches for this year: Kieran Kennedy and Giancarlo Tinizzotti,” he said. “In the past, the head coach had left.”
Kennedy said a lack of dedication by the students was another reason why the team fell through last season.
“We had to cancel the last tournament of the season and that lead to the lack of team the next year,” he said.
The new coach said he wants to create boundaries for the players early on so that they don’t run into problems later.
“The whole idea is setting up rules and a code of conduct that players are going to agree to in the beginning,” Kennedy said. “The way we’ve got it structured is that players are going to have responsibility thrust upon themselves.”
Robinson said the team has seven tournaments scheduled and practice will be held every week.

The top teams from the tournaments will compete in the Challenge Cup, which is hosted at Durham College every March.

An information meeting will be held on Oct. 2 at Progress’ Athletics and Wellness Centre. Tryouts for extramural hockey will be held at McGregor Park Arena on Oct. 11, 18 and 25 from 10:15PM to 11:15PM.

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